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Teavana  cisco  Java  Yahoo
 Survey Monkey  KindleFire  Etsy Pinterest
Skype Google+ Insperity Subway
Sony Ortsbo TechCrunch Vonage
Vidaroo Houston Texans Netflix Oxonica
Better Place Simplyhealth Ebro Doostang
Aviva Twitter Hickory Farms Entelos
Safari Orbitz Big Bertha 50 Cabins
Rollerblade Alexa Positive Electric Bento
Fandango GoDaddy Firefox Tesla
Zara Citrine Stumble Upon Astia
Hakia Larry King Novella Qlikkit
Cingular Agloco Solaicx NAIBT Commercial
Zune PlugandPlay Ubuntu chocolate
orkut Aquafina Wii iPod
RAZR Verigy Fusion Freemark Abbey
Lucerne Nuasis VIIV
The Siamese Kitchen Mercedes Windows Vista Morningstar
Birdie Tivoli Restoration Hardware Silitech
Craigslist Cascadia Athlon Genentech
YA Tittle Q-tips Snap2O TIAA CREF
Cialis Rainbow Nation Magnum Napster
CLINIQUE John Wayne Ted Ejasent
Cayenne Lego Prius Brinks
Pilot MCI Renesas centrino
ING Google TiVo BearingPoint
Polo DaSani Sprint Kinkos
Avaya Rogaine Quiznos XBox
Escalade SonicBlue Nokia PlayStation
Hynix Compaq Verizon Chiasso
Enron Accenture Acteva Cingular

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Technical Analysis

This is the judges rating on the brighter scale of naming. Only a few will receive a perfect 10.


And, of course, we can’t resist critiquing those logos and identities to make sure they help with the name’s brightness.

We consider usage, linguistics, place, legal, international, memorability and many other issues. Names are rated with your help and votes. If you have some brief background information on a name and want it rated, please contact us.

For a professional full confidential trademark search on your name, or even a full name audit, please see Name Audits.

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