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Even before we visited this facility, even before we visited clients there, even before we knew the big Silicon Valley Mixer was to be there, someone had approached us and said what do you think of this name. If nothing else, it stirs a lot of emotions. And the fact that is in Silicon Valley which practically gave birth to the term, makes this doubly interesting.

For our part, we can’t help but notice that a lot of other commercial Realtors around the country use the term to describe their facilities. Nor can we gloss over the fact that many people think it is Plug ‘n Play.

But more interestingly, while it is a very descriptive line (for a tagline say), and may work well for describing the facility to prospective clients, how well does it work for incumbent clients? We have already found at least one startup that is embarrassed to say visit us at Plug and Play. Doesn’t sound professional at all. Doesn’t sound like you are serious. Definitely implies you can’t afford your own office!

Also, just down the street, the International Business Incubator has recently changed its name to US Market Access Center. Despite being one of the oldest and best known tech incubators in the country, their clients did not want the stigmatism of being seen as “in incubation” once they started outbound sales and marketing efforts.

We only gave the logo a 7 because they did something with such a long name – though it makes your eyes spin. Now we are having second thoughts about the score, especially since there is different signage on the building itself. For more information, please visit


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