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In the public sector marketplace there are many services and organizations, and even sometimes physical products, all of which need unique names. After all, they too are competing for the mind of the public. So often they end up with long names that are then quickly abbreviated and they end becoming a YASI group (Yet Another Set of Initials). We prefer to leave initials to the Feds and give real positive names to the rest of the organizations. Here is some of our work:

There so many adult care facilities and services in the USA. How do you create a unique, new top class service and stand out from the crowd. See MontCordia, and the high road they are taking. Naming of non-profit care services
 After a futile first attempt to change their name, Southern Christian University is today called Amridge University, allowing them to reach out to people across the country of all faiths.  
 For teachers all around the country, there are now prepared professionally prepared and researched K-12 curriculum for healthier children from The Mendez Foundation. These programs are named Seeds of Nutrition to get everyone off to a good start.  Curriculum naming
 When we worked together at the former Nametrade, Roseann came up with the name Kidango for a big day care management organization formerly called the TriCities Childrens Organization. We love it when we hear them having fun with the name in radio spots.  
 Non-profits do so love their long names – which promptly get abbreviated. But when two such groups merge, and you end up being BAAG+PCCF it is way too much. Despite some very educated and smart people on your naming team, you might still need the help of professionals to come to consensus and for your lawyer to sign off. Today you can find them at Acterra.  
 There are many big and small tutoring services across the country to help your children excel in their exams. But when you want to go nationwide, you need a unique, protectable name that you can own and brand. So we helped transform Ace Tutoring into Xamaze. The results are sure to be outstanding.  
 Some people have a warm heart to help the dump children of Cambodia. So much so that one Canadian put his money and heart towards founding Canodia, and we put our heart into creating this name, tagline and logo.  
 A builder on the Eastern seashore noticed that many people with vacation homes could not rent them out every week of the year. But there were also many families who could never afford a week at the beach, especially if they had a child with serious medical needs. So she founded Angel Breaks and created a mechanism for people to donate these empty weeks to a good cause. It has since grown to include mountain homes too, which is why we were careful to not let the name box her in.  
 Need help with your studies in the Maryland and greater DC area? Look no further than StudySparkz.  
 Able Village, based in Florida, provides equal access to social networking, health information and all related services for disabled people nationwide.  
When you need corporate e-learning tools and services, see the strong mobile platform from Opango.  More than just curriculum development – a complete LMS (Learning Content Management System Solutions). Serving the world from their Plano, Texas Headquarters. opango_logo2
Jano India is a series of learning camps for children in the San Francisco Bay Area that allows them to stay in touch with traditional Indian customs and culture.  

For a complete overview of all our work, see Full Naming Portfolio.

“This time, everyone loves the new name. We should have used your services before”… L.A.