Partners & Affiliates

We partner or sub-contract with other branding and creative marketing agencies

Partners and Other Agencies

We have many regular partners in closely related marketing and business fields and those that choose to be publicly mentioned are listed by category in our Resources section.

All day, everyday, all we do is names – so we never compete with your strategic, creative, copy writing, brand consulting or design services. Even if you do some naming, how many names a year do you process? We name a company or product line almost every week of the year and have thousands of names in our private database.

We can operate alone (with referral fee), as your partner or invisibly in the background.  So now you can extend your branding services with top class experienced naming as well.

Call and get to know us. We are happy to pass your name along with a referral word or two – assuming, of course, that you reciprocate.


Join our Naming Affiliate Program

Earn great commissions simply for referring clients – immediate pay outs.

For years we have informally partnered with other branding, P.R, ad and graphics agencies. As these programs endure, we are also opening the process to anyone who refers business clients.

Enjoy your referral income.

Now you can refer business via phone, email or even passive links from your blog or website.

You too can offer great professional naming services to your clients. It all starts with a name and tagline. That is all we do. You provide the ongoing marketing consulting and services.

Affiliate Commission Process

You sign up as a Brighter Affiliate by calling or emailing us with your name, contact and tax information, plus a note on where you do online promotions (if any). Then:

  •     We create your own landing page on our website to capture client basics.
  •     You refer a client to us via email or phone or send them to your own special landing page.
  •     And/or you put one of our ads or text hotlinks on your website so it passively passes the lead through web links and tracks the source.
  •     We confirm client lead and let you know what proposal has been sent.
  •     We let you know when contract is confirmed and expected initial payment.
  •     When they pay the deposit, we pay you your 10% share within 48 hours.
  •     We let you know when project is complete and final invoice sent.
  •     When client pays the final amount, we pay you your share within 48 hours.

Extra Bonus

Our rates are very competitive for an experienced international naming agency, so feel free to mark up these rates as you build our naming work into bigger proposals. And, of course, you keep all the markup.

See the Results – Enjoy the additional income!

We do all projects on a fixed price basis which is dependent on size of organization. So your 10% referral commissions can add up fast. Even on a small sole proprietor project that translates into $120 commission – just for passing us a lead! And for corporate accounts it will be $480 or more.

Commissions will also be paid on name searches, naming architecture, name audits, multi name, book or property and other name or tagline projects. Remember, all you have to do is provide us the lead to earn these fees!



Don’t delay, call today +1-650-960-0411.

Custom quotes and shared projects are always a possibility too.


    This offer is only open to partners in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia and may be withdrawn
    at any time with 60 days notice to affiliates.
    You cannot refer yourself!
    Social security number required for US-based individuals so we can issue year end 1099 tax forms.

 Nothing is as powerful as an idea who’s time has come….anon.