Naming Expertise

San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge – Ever noticed it is Cisco’s logo… as that is where the name came from? And why is it called Golden Gate when it is red and not gold color?

Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, in San Francisco’s South Bay Area in beautiful northern California, we are naturally strong in the hardware and software technical and scientific fields. This has a strong roll-over effect into industrial fields. Will your other potential agencies even really understand your subject matter?

Until our recent move,  we could walk to Google, ride our bicycle to Intuit and Yahoo, or zip over to Intel, H-P, AMD, Apple, Cisco, Oracle, Cadence, Adobe, Genetech, Facebook or eBay in 15 minutes by car.

At the same time we have now built up strong expertise in financial, retail, medical, healthcare and other consumer fields as these customers discovered our fast process that starts with a long list of provisionally available names. We use a naming team spread across the USA, Canada and Europe, with many different skills and backgrounds. All our namers have multiple language skills. All have worked and traveled around the world. All have an innate sense of image, marketing and the beauty and comfort in a smooth name that embraces the company’s management personality and brand values.

#NamingExperts: Specific naming and trademark search expertise areas that we encompass include:

High Tech

Semiconductor, components, systems, product families, equipment, clean tech


Enterprise, individual, tools, utilities, services, Internet, social media, apps


Technology, I.T., computer, financial, consumer, administrative, programs, industrial, transportation, solar


Equipment, instruments, services, products, companies, facilities, research


Chips, devices, systems, networks, companies, equipment, services, mobile


Services, products, banking, insurance, ebusiness


Portals, service, B2B or B2C, social, educational


Services, stores, ebusiness, clothing, accessories, jewelry


Equipment, products, services, technologies, automation, factories, oil & gas, water


Devices, services, equipment, instruments, facilities, accounting


Services, product, facilities, software, patient records


Suppliers, services, education, retail, green products, desalination, biogas, renewable energy


Parts, services, software, facilities, vehicles, tools

Real Estate

Agencies, brokers, developers, facilities, shopping centers, mortgages


Contractors, air conditioning, remodeling, services, equipment, regeneration


Resorts, services, programs, agencies, tours, transportation


Teams, products, equipment, facilities, merchandising, licensing


Services, charities, religious, government, business services, home care


Facilities, services, programs, communities, books, universities


Book titles, magazine names, nom de plumes, publishing companies

For sample names in these fields, please see our Portfolio.

Where is Silicon Valley and how did it get it’s name? See Silicon Valley Name Article.

For even more on this subject, please visit the Silicon Valley Historical Society.

Not sure if your present name is OK or not? Why not have a professional name audit done first.

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