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In consumer marketplaces, sports groups and products, travel services and destination resorts and facilities play a special role. Yes they are consumer businesses, but their management structure and organization mean that decision making is different and based on different values. All this comes into play on naming projects and so we embrace and acknowledge it from the outset. Here are some of the results:

Man has dreamed of flight long before the Wright brothers took to the air. Today you can ride a very realistic sky diving simulator just for fun at iFly in the San Francisco South Bay and now franchised around the world.
When Major League Soccer (MLS) started in the USA, the teams were all assigned their initial names. Most of these endure today, but one team found that Nike (supposedly) had dubbed them The Clash. The good spirited people of San Jose (Silicon Valley) tried hard, but no one could never figure out what a clash was or was supposed to look like. We knew it was noisy and that was about it. After meeting the new GM brought in by the Kraft family to rescue the team after 3 dismal years, Athol was invited to write down some of his marketing ideas. Top of the list was change the name to San Jose Earthquakes. That team went on to be successful, to be sold off (without the name) and to be reborn once again as the Earthquakes with Richter as their mascot when you sit, shake, rattle and roll in your seats. Sports franchise naming services
Out of a University research project, we have Avidasports providing very advanced swimmer and other athlete training technology.
A builder on the Eastern seashore noticed that many people with vacation homes could not rent them out every week of the year. But there were also many families who could never afford a week at the beach, especially if they had a child with serious medical needs. So she founded Angel Breaks and created a mechanism for people to donate these empty weeks to a good cause. It has since grown to include mountain homes too, which is why we were careful to not let the name box her in.

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