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From embedded software to chips to hardware to systems to networks to solutions to full service organizations, we have worked up and down the telecom food chain. This experience comes from our technical background and carries over into many industrial and engineering fields, including clean and green power, traditional mining, equipment, maintenance, service and transportation. Here are some examples:

Your internet and telephone backbone probably runs on optical fiber which is switched and transmitted with equipment from Calient Networks. This was an emergency naming project when they had last minute legal issues with their old name at launch time.
When you have revolutionary robots to inspect giant oil tanks, what do you name your service company? A simple clean name that verifies a good job is done.  Veritank is a unique name to cut through all the inspection noise.  Tank inspection naming
Unfortunately they never quite got the right price point on their solar cylindrical tubes despite the millions of VC funding they raised to build a factory in the East Bay, but Solyndra is a unique name to cut through all the solar noise. Even the WSJ said they liked it. green and biotech naming consultants agency
 When you are a growing Midwest clean industrial products company, you don’t want your growth to be hampered by discovering foreigners (in Asia in particular) can’t pronounce it. Nor to find a company in the UK with the same name. This international management team saved their logo and tagline to go with the great phonetic new name Verantis that really stands out in their field.  
 The clients were Nokia, NEC and Motorola – all cell phone makers cooperating to create a common operating system. From their discussions about the symbiosis between hardware and software, we came up with the name Symbian.  
When you are already an international public holding company, but your name no longer fits your new directions, then use our process-driven naming consulting services to quickly find a new name – like Force Field Energy did. Their new brand and directions, plus an impressive clean energy portfolio, even got them a chance to ring the opening bell on the stock exchange.
When you have finally perfected an affordable and truly successful method of restoring polluted earth to its clean, original state, then you need a new name. This west coast company also had name conflicts with a competitor, but today Reterro stands alone.  ReterroLogoSml
Lustros Ltd. (Ticker – LSLD) is a US publicly traded company that owns 80% of the outstanding shares of Bluestone SA. Bluestone SA is a Chilean private company that is involved in the manufacturing of copper sulfate and copper mining through its subsidiary Sulfatos Chile. The company has another subsidiary Mineraltus SA (which we also named) that specializes in extracting copper from tailings dumps.  
For anyone needing a great new portable network checker, the LinkSprinter has been winning rave reviews from PC Magazine and other users. This fine new family of pocket testers from Fluke Networks are setting a new standard in speed and conveniency. LinkSprinter,jpg
For those of you making wireless sensors, Gainspan is the new single chip solutions for all industrial usage that has a very long battery life and will interface with standard IP protocol internet servers.
EnviroTech’s newest soil stabilization and dust control product is called Basebind. From their offices in Colorado, they are now providing soil and road maintenance products to central USA, as well as Midwest and beyond.  Naming transportation and industrial branded products
Your new cell phone application may be based on the newer Azingo open platform environment. mobile applications naming consultants
When you need specialized plastics and resins for advanced modern design work across may industries, one of your local sources might be Solvay Plastics. And if you need a high temperature toughner for advanced composites, then please see their Virantage solutions.  
 A competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) or independent incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) can upgrade themselves into a full-service communications provider with all of the benefits of essential mobile voice and data applications with the help of Telispire.  
 We helped Telencom rename themselves Zeevo as they developed the first Bluetooth single chip solutions. They have since been acquired by Broadcom.  
 Trying to interface your switchboard and your telemarketing call response systems with your other networks? Braxtel Communications will help you build a seamless contact center, especially if you are up in the New England area. telecom naming consultants branding agency
 In developing countries the challenge of deploying sustainable wireless broadband infrastructure may require the help of the smart consultants at Quavant.  
 If you need to train your network engineers, or use a network test lab for your new equipment, then Lumenaré Networks might be your chosen provider, especially for Cisco related products.  
 When your new line of products can fuze a number of quality control steps into one, then maybe you would like the name QFusion.  
 When you are the first US company to come up with a practical warm mix asphalt mix, through some superior chemical technology, you need a name like EvoTherm to ensure the industry rapidly accepts it. Today this is a $100 million business!  
 We were also the third naming company brought in to rescue a project, the final name (which is not ours…but we helped them pick it and put the project on track) you all knew well as Cingular®.  

See Full Naming Portfolio for a complete overview of all our work.

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