Full Brand Identity

Looking for a complete professional corporate identity with brand values, voice and positioning, as well as a top class visual identity? In such a case, Brighter Naming pairs up with your chosen graphics design company, or brings in their partner Chris Canote.

Portland graphics designer corporate logos and identityBefore a corporate style guide can be developed, the key is to get a logo that accurately reflects the company and brand, as portrayed by the founders.


The logo design process is iterative, just like the naming process. This is usually where it all begins.

Artistic ImagesA large amount of the conceptual thinking behind the name will apply to the visual representation in logo form, plus Chris will seek to understand your likes/dislikes in the graphic portrayal thereof. In addition, Athol and Chris have known each other and worked together for many years. While they provide services nationwide (and beyond) today, they both cut their branding teeth in Silicon Valley so they understand the pace and urgency of startups, as well as the branding challenge of high tech in addition to the usual consumer and service companies.

For part of Chris’ large body of work, please see ChrisCanote.com.

PS Do tell your other strategic branding or creative agencies we are happy to partner with them. We do the naming. They do the rest.