How to Make Your Brand Image Consistent Across All Channels

  1. In today’s world, competition for customers has become increasingly fierce throughout all industries.Branding is the key to differentiating your company from your competition.

All good brands are built through the regular delivery of their brand promise. It is this consistency that builds trust with the consumer and lays the foundation for their support and promotion.

As such, it is incredibly important your brand image remains consistent across all channels, including website, app, and social media platforms.

Naming companies, such as Brighter Naming, are here to help your business maintain and elevate its image so as to keep more customers and secure new leads.

Use these tools to create brand consistency across all channels:

  • Channel your brand on your website
    • Use your website to demonstrate your brand’s voice and mission
  • Maintain your brand image on social media
    • Have a distinct voice for each social media platform, but also maintain your brand’s message across each channel
  • Develop your app’svoice
    • Allow for constant customer access so your consumer can share your brand

Channel Your Brand on Your Website

According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers will research a product before deciding to make a purchase. This behavior highlights the importance of a website for today’s companies.

With this being said, you can use your website to demonstrate your brand’s voice and mission and gain potential leads. Remember, your website is the hub for all of your content and your products, so it is vital for your company to have a professional website.

Your website establishes your company brand for other channels, so it must demonstrate the strength ofyour brand voice. In addition, your website is where consumers go to reference your brand, so its content must establish a clear and consistent mission.

Maintain Your Brand Image on Social Media

With more than 3 billion active social media users worldwide, it is important your company recognizes the enormous potential social media offers to reach your target audience.

There are numerous platforms to reach consumers, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Though each of your social media channels should have a distinct voice, given the scope of what each platform has to offer, it is important to maintain your brand message across each.

For example, Wendy’s launched a social media campaign on Twitter that generates interest by using sarcasm, sass, and jokes. Still, the company keeps their website professional with clear images and information about their food.

A consistent brand message is what keeps your customers loyal and willing to refer you to potential customers.

To maintain your brand image on social media, your company should be sure to share updates in short form and include a lot of visuals. Short updates are easy to read and remember, and strong visuals keep users intrigued.

In addition to generating engagement through updates, it is also important for your business to use social media as a means of monitoring what consumers are saying and the question they have about your company. Listening on social media or “social listening” is how you are able to gain important market insight directly from consumers.

Social media can boost customer engagement and provide an alternative customer service channel. Still, you must maintain your brand across each platform to ensure validity and trust.

Develop Your App’s Voice

With an app, both Android and iOS users have constant access to your company. Apps remain within constant reach of a user as smart devices have become a standard in the US.

You should create a design persona, representative of your company and incorporate your brand traits into the app. In this way, consumers will be able to recognize your brand upon download.

In addition, developing a voice that resonates with your audience is another important tool in designing an engaging brand voice. The secret to effective in-app communication is creating a tone that feels natural to your audience.

Naming software and servicesFor example, MailChimp, an email marketing agency, is a great example of a brand that knows its voice and how to use it in an effective way. The company’s tone of voice in all communication is “fun but not silly,” “smart but not cocky,” and “expert but not bossy.”

MailChimp defined their brand voice in set terms and then incorporated it into their mobile app. When using the app, users are immediately confronted with the MailChimp brand and can recognize they are using the company’s app versus any other.

Apps provide a unique way to stay within constant reach of your users. Using push notifications and personalized messaging, maintain your brand voice and increase consumer interest.


The Importance of Maintaining Your Brand Across Channels

Overall, it is important for your company to keep your brand consistent across all channels. You can accomplish this by representing your unique brand on your website, maintaining your brand image on social media platforms, and developing your own distinguished app voice.

Growing and expanding your brand will ensure your company stands out from its competition and creates a positive lasting impression on your regular and potential customers.


Emily Clark – (Guest Blogger)

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“‘Amish’? I thought you said ‘Hamish’…”

In my previous post, I noted an example of a name that is so bad that it has a reverse psychology effect of leading people to think the product itself must be very good. My example was Hellman’s mayonnaise. Athol (our Naming Director) reviewed my piece, and got into the act with a couple of examples of his own.

One of these was Orville Redenbacher, of popcorn fame. The story here is almost too good to be true: the guy in the glasses and bow tie on the TV commercials was, in fact, one Orville Clarence Redenbacher, who a) was not an actor hired for the ads, b) was born with that name, and c) was actually an agricultural scientist who experimented with hybrids. This congruence of true facts and marketing appeal was so unlikely that many people believed he was a fictional character (often compared to the contemporary but made-up Bartles&Jaymes.) Check out his Wikipedia page: .

Food and condiments namesAthol’s other example was Smucker’s, which made the reverse psychology idea explicit with their slogan “With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good”. My take on this one is maybe a little different…

The Smucker’s slogan could apply equally well, mutatis mutandis, to Hellman’s mayonnaise. But there’s another possible way to look at it: Smuckers is by no means an unusual name…among the Pennsylvania Dutch. And what is one of the best-known positive associations for these Amish and Mennonite communities? Hearty, not overly spicy, comfort food…often of the kind that is “put up” in glass jars…like jams and jellies. In other words, they have a sort of reverse of the Takvorian-Haig situation; for Smuckers, the history and ethnicity of the family name line up extremely well with use as a brand name.

Hence, the Smuckers slogan can be read two ways, depending on what comes after an added ‘because”: either “It has to be good because otherwise how could we stay in business with that odd name?” Or: “It has to be good because it is the kind of food done best by people with a good old Pennsylvania Dutch name like ‘Smucker’.”

For the record, the folks at Smuckers sort of want to have it both ways: from their FAQ page :

The slogan has been used by our company since the mid-1950s. Initially, it referred to the unusual family name (Smucker) with the connotation that since it was such an odd name, the company had better produce outstanding products. As the company’s reputation has grown and the name Smucker has become associated with high-quality products, the slogan meaning changed somewhat. According to customers, if you see the Smucker name on a product, you have assurance that the product will be good.”

Interestingly, the Smuckers web site,, is devoted to the products under the Smuckers brand. The parent corporation, while still dealing mostly with food items, is a lot larger and less folksy: see for more info, including a surprising number of other brands now owned by this outfit.

Let’s close by looking at some companies that haven’t yet reached the size of J.M. Smucker, one of which leverages the Amish heritage, and one of which really needs to borrow a version of the Smuckers slogan: how would you feel about pickles and relishes from an outfit called Jake & Amos? (I’ve tried their products, which I dearly love; everything from kraut to pickled eggs to chow-chow can be ordered from .) On the other hand, I have yet to have the pleasure of doing business with (so help me, this one is just as real as Orville Redenbacher) StoltzfoosGolf Carts: ( ).

And finally, for one of those moments of Jungian synchronicity: guess where J.M. Smucker was founded, and is headquartered to this day? Orrville, Ohio.

–Greg Marus


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Name of the Week – Mail Chimp

Naming software and servicesFor a long time I have wondered how Mail Chimp grew so big so quickly, despite some formidable competitors like Constant Contact, Vertical Response or The more I looked at it the more it seemed to me they did nothing different, except perhaps a more intense focus on direct mail campaigns rather than also doing list  management.

But that wasn’t enough – so I concluded it was their catchy name that had caught so many people’s attention.  Certainly it cut through the noise of the boring descriptive names and brought a smile to the faces of all who bothered to think about the name.

Ironically Mail Chimp themselves have been trying to change their image, without actually changing their name (except now it is one word).  So the chimp icon has a different expression on his face which only employees can tell you about, and the rest of the graphics shows hand drawn birds in flight or opening mail or … Pity they didn’t use flying chimps instead, or are they working their way towards being MailBird? Sorry no. already has over 100K users.

Well I still think Mail Chimp is a 3 star name, even if it is starting to box them in a corner. But I bet most of their loyal customers don’t even bother to think that they are so much more than the mail part of their name. And why shouldn’t we have names that bring a smile to our faces, even at work?

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Name of the Week – Hello Sunshine

Many years ago I started my first iteration of Name of the Week when I learned that search engines wanted fresh content regularly to maintain your SEO score. And this was long before blogging and social media existed, let alone had become household words. My partner at the time, and to some extent me too, was afraid we would run out of names to rate and write about so she asked me to prepare 25 names at least before we went live. How naive we were. Here we are 20 years later and I don’t think we will ever run out of names, however long I live. In an amusing side note, at one stage Siskel & Ebert came after us for using the Thumbs Up rating, similar to they did for movie ratings. We were flattered that they even noticed, but of course we were quick to change our symbols. Care to suggest some for this go around?

In the interim, we often blogged about names here, or did a slightly more formal rating of a name while writing as The Name Critic. This will continue to evolve at its own pace and readers are invited to submit fairly well known names for free, public analysis.

Reethe Witherspoon's company name Hello SunshineBut what better way to revive Name of the Week than to discuss Hello Sunshine. This is the name of Reese Witherspoon’s own production company. As if I wasn’t charmed enough already by Miss Legally Blonde herself, now I want to reach out and give her an extra big hug just for selecting such a cool name. What a positive name for everyone to work with or for. What a great message to put on the credits of every movie they make. What a great way to attract scripts and people you want to work with. What a great way to cut through the noise of all other media or movie production companies.

Hello Sunshine definitely rates 3 stars.


Reeth Witherspoon production company name

Find them online at and see their simple but unique logo that goes with this company name.

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Name of the Week – BIGSTCo

You just have to smile when you are reading a Business Week article about rocket launches and China’s catch up efforts when you discover one of their startups is called Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Co. Also known as i-Space, I notice the author did not try to use the actual Chinese name for the company: Xingji Rongyao.

And you thought your company had an identity problem! In the same week this article appeared, there was also online news about Interstellar Technology losing a rocket soon after launch.  But that was the Japanese company with the similar name – no Glory for them, but they are crowd funded and probably will now have to return to their patrons for some more handouts.

With all this Asian activity, makes me wonder how I will feel when we learn and see pictures of Chinese astronauts running around on “our” moon. Will they have their own names for the areas and craters?

PS Do chopsticks work in zero gravity?


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What a great name – Hint

consumer drinks namingSometimes you come across a name that is so simple and elegant you just have to ask why didn’t I think of that? And how the heck was the reg TM still available?

And you won’t get a better example than this fairly new flavored water drink called Hint. In this age of increasing popularity of bottled water drinks, having one that so eloquently can imply a hint of lemon or a hint of lime is surely a home run for branding.

Of course, a brand is a lot more than just the name. It is the promise of an experience. So in this case, the drink has to stand up to lots of taste tests. Unfortunately, I am not so sure it will. Yet I see they have been around for at least 12 years so they must be doing something right with their fruit flavorings.


Hint® is a registered trademark of Hint Inc from San Francisco, California.

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Best Western – very disappointing brand identity makeover

It has been a few months since I made my long road cross country trip so I have had time to cool off and consider my position on the logo and image makeover of the Best Western chain of lodges. But my opinion hasn’t changed. What were they thinking to take such a staple, colorful logo, and throw it out and  start all over again with their own Corporate Branding? Where is the continuity. Maybe more importantly, where is the connection to the old image? You know, the warm colorful one.

Like this one here (which might be due a refresh, but not a city corporate look):


Now they are just another corporate button. Yes they are a growing chain and extending the brand in all directions. Sure they want more upscale city properties but why risk their history and loyal following in resort areas across the country. Giving up such a leadership position to try and chase Hyatt Regency is what it looks like to me.  Did they not ever really talk to some of their guests and see the loyalty to the brand as they traveled across the country?

Last time I stayed in a Best Western I was chatting on the lovely front lawn in a small town with a British guest as we prepared to check out. I asked him if he needed help with directions or sites to visit in Northern California. He just smiled and waved the Best Western “Atlas” at me. “No thanks,” he said. “We just go from Best Western to Best Western.”

What now?  Will he say they go from Corporate BW button to button?  In these examples the words Best Western are still prominent, but not so on all the lodgings. Just a shiny BW button.  Looks so unfriendly and out of place in the countryside. And through me for a loop when sometimes it was blue and sometimes red until I figured out red stood for Plus. Plus what I have no idea – just a scam to get franchisees to shoot more upscale I think, just like Airbnb Plus.

Heck they should have done it in black and white and said that BW now meant Black and White.

PS I see BWP stands for Best Western Premier and not their more popular Best Western Plus. Go figure!


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It takes some spunk to name your company Splunk.

When I first heard the name Splunk® I thought how cool a name it was. Surely one of those new mobile apps for and by millennials. No, rather it is the name of a back end data server and privacy company. But what a great name to cut through the noise of so many other players in this software technology space.  And I don’t even have to come up with a list of companies to compare it with as they provide a list of their partners. Now you can see what a boring list of names most big data providers are just by reviewing this partial list of their worldwide partners

Great tech company name from Speelunk



  • A3sec
    • Accel Systems & Technologies
    • Aegin
    • Apius Technologies
    • August Schell Enterprises
    • Blackwood Associates
    • Blue Turtle
    • CDW
    • Clearshark
    • Comparex Turkey
    • Concanon
    • CrowdStrike
    • Davinsi Labs NV
    • Discovered Intelligence
    • doIT solutions
    • EMET Computing
    • E2 Software
    • ECS Security
    • EMC
    • Enosys
    • GKC
    • GTRI
    • Government Acquisitions
    • Guidepoint Security
    • Help AG
    • Herjavec Group
    • Homeostase
    • Imperium Solutions

Not only are most of these partners’ names boring, see how many are meaningless abbreviations. Seems like most of these system integrators preferred to describe themselves rather than name themselves. Clearly they didn’t want to stand out from the crowd like Splunk.

But what does it mean, or where did it come from? In this regard, Splunk has done a very cool little video interviewing their partners who are clearly mostly Splunk fans. Even though most don’t have a clue about the name. Just goes to show you that if a name brings a smile to your customer’s faces, it is working fine. In this case, I figured it out (as did some of their partners) though can’t say I was fully confident.

OK, do you have it yet?  From Spelunking – the sport/hobby of exploring caves. Very clever for a company that explores the deep dark depths of massive amounts of corporate data, regardless of where it is stored.

PS And one of their big competitors is Rubrik – but you know where that name came from.

PPS Since they clearly own the full trademark rights to the name Splunk in hardware and software categories, they have kept their product naming architecture simple by prefacing common descriptive words with the company name Splunk.

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Inside Steve’s Brain quotes me at length about iPod name

It only took 10 years, but finally a good friend called me and said “Athol, do you know you are quoted in one of Steve Job’s biographies?” Well, yes indeed, Inside Steve’s Brain by Leander Kahney has recently been expanded and rereleased. I don’t recall if I spoke to him or simply directed him to my blog post on the subject, but it is nice to see this inside story on how one of the great brand gurus of the world picked a name for a megahit product. It seems to be accurately reported, other than completing the story that Apple never did correct and update the trademark filing for over a year after the product was released.

Thanks Leander. Here is my whole 5 minutes of fame from your book:

Ipod naming history and Athol Foden

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Patreon – Patrons for the Ages

From the minute I learned about Patreon I have been pleasantly overwhelmed with the cleverness of their offerings, and the memorability of their name. Of course I wondered why they had not tried harder to be Patron or Patron something. Now I realize they were much smarter than me and selected a unique name for all their branding efforts – but not abstract. The roots of the name continue to be strong and powerful.
Great coined name roots PatreonMust say the logo is kind of boring, not that I have any better ideas other than to tell a graphics designer to somehow imply more a sense of excitement and action and not make it look like creators will run into a brick wall.

I learned about Patreon after my son put me up to SV Delos and other sailing channels. So much more fun each week than waiting for a short season of Survivor. SV Delos name origin and sailing around the worldAnd SV Delos travels and people are so real and so educational and so much fun because all crew take part in making the videos and there is no corporate producer in site. Isn’t this logo a  lot more fun? And their buddha man is full size on their mainsail. All designs and editing and vlogging are done onboard by the full time crew or their short term helping sailors.

My greek studies are non-existent, other than the overlap with Latin, so I still smile everytime I hear Capt Brian saying “Delos – like the Greek princess”. I had never heard of her before, I am almost ashamed to admit. Anyway, now Sailing Vessel Delos brings in the most money from Patreon of any other blue water sailing channel members and has 200K+ followers on YouTube – which brings them in only a trivial amount of funding.

Thanks Patreon for a great name and a great way to support creative endeavors with crowd-sourcing that is on-going.


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