Why Great Branding Relies on Great Leadership

And How You Can Become That Leader

A great brand is more than just a distinguishable design—it’s a strategy that makes your company stand out. Case in point: successful business brands are able to establish their credibility, connect with the target market, and foster brand loyalty. On top of that, a properly established brand can also create loyal employees because it makes them see that they’re contributing towards a good purpose.

Unfortunately, many businesses cannot establish an efficient brand because of one crucial factor: their business leader.

Why is leadership important in cultivating a business brand?

Branding allows businesses to establish themselves through a remarkable name, symbol, slogan, and design. However, these branding elements need to be supported by a strong leader and a company culture that your target audience can easily identify with your brand. Without these in place, your target audience may see a disconnect between your business brand elements and your overall reputation as a company.

To illustrate, the former CEO of Aetna, Ron Williams, stated that leaders need to understand that business is becoming more challenging, which is why leaders need to adapt accordingly. He strives to carry out a personal brand in which he pushes himself to master new things and strive to do better. As a result, his team followed suit, improving the business’ overall performance. Consequently, Aetna successfully established its brand as an agent for healthier living.

In another similar case, Mark Zuckerberg launched Meta with a brand identity that connected his existing companies to his wider business vision. Through this, Zuckerberg showcased his business roadmap to connect the world through innovations. By launching the Meta brand, he sent a clear brand message that his business had a bigger purpose.

How can you embody the branding spirit as a leader?

Develop your proficiency as a business leader

You can better shape the company and its brand by improving your leadership skills. This is because a business’s internal operations have an effect on the business image and, thus, branding. So, if your workforce is unhappy, this may taint how your target audience views your brand. But one way to become a better leader is to upskill.

The most obvious way is to take a professional coaching course on leadership development. These short courses give personal mentoring as well as providing a business network. The coaches can develop action-oriented plans to strengthen your leadership skills, allowing you to meet organizational goals on performance and branding. If you are already proficient in business but are looking for a higher education qualification, you can take an online master’s in business administration. These flexible degrees are 100% coursework and are just as valid as a traditional on-campus degree, but allow students to take them at their own pace. The courses are ideal for those who want to grow their company at the same time. Alongside general business concepts, these also teach you advanced theories on marketing, human resource management, and branding.

Establish practices based on brand pillars

Once you’ve developed your leadership skills, you need to establish practices that will align your company with your brand. Start by planning how your business name, symbol, slogan, and design can be used to strengthen your brand. Furthermore, implement business practices that align with it. This is an important step as it establishes your company culture, which then ensures that your workforce will adhere to the brand you want to cement. For example, if your brand pillars include diversity and inclusivity, then there must be equality among employees. You, yourself, must uphold such practices and lead by example. That way, your employees and business partners will more likely follow suit.

Create a vision for the future in line with your brand

As a leader, you’re the person choosing what direction the business will follow. As such, anticipate and plan for the future of your business. Though the execution of your branding occurs in the present, efficient leaders envision what their business will be like in the following years. In doing this, you can ensure that your brand and business projects will always be connected. So, foster your visionary leadership skills and work with your entire team so that your future projects can strengthen your brand and vice versa. For example, if one of your brand pillars is compassion, plan for corporate fundraising or other such charity events wherein your business gives back to the community. Doing so will cement your image as a compassionate business.

There are many elements that can affect your business branding, and this includes your leadership skills. Make sure that you can create and manage a strong brand by fostering your skills, carrying out relevant practices, and creating a vision for your business and brand. For more resources on branding and general business, you can check out the rest of our blog here on Brighter Naming.

Specially written for brighternaming.com by J Bailie

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Why Businesses Need Consultants

Naming consulting help branding agency

Businesses need consultants almost as much as they need employees. Consultants serve an important purpose. They use their skills, knowledge, and experience to provide specialized solutions in a wide variety of areas from human resources to digital marketing. Entrepreneurs typically engage consultants when they need advice, in times of crisis or when they need some positive change in their business. 

Consultants can be self-employed or working for consultancy firms. They charge depending on the solutions they provide and their level of expertise. Before investing, weigh the costs and benefits to determine whether hiring a consultant provides value for your business.

Let Brighter Naming help you make an informed decision.

Compelling reasons for hiring a consultant

The first thing to consider before hiring a consultant is the nature of the problem. You should only hire a consultant if your internal resources are unable to solve the problem. The consultant should be able to offer expertise, skills, or talents that do not exist internally.

The reasons that may compel a business to hire a consultant include:

  • Bring in a fresh perspective: Consultants offer out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to problems. They have the outsider perspective lacking in your employees and they can examine problems from unique angles and offer unique solutions
  • Fill a gap: Consultants can serve as short-term employees to fill gaps created by employees who have left. They provide a service for the required time and leave. This can be more cost-effective than recruiting a full-time employee.
  • Deliver training: Consultants are often leading experts in their field. The knowledge and experience that can benefit your employees. You can hire a consultant to provide training in a particular area.
  • Foster change: When you need your business to take a new direction, hiring a consultant can help you affect change swiftly and ruthlessly. Unpopular changes such as cost-cutting measures are impacted by consultants.
  • Objectivity: Unlike existing employees, consultants are not influenced by the politics of the workplace. They offer objective viewpoints without being burdened by the reactions of other people in the organization.

Types of consultants

Consultants come in many forms. They are experts in different areas in which they cover various roles. The major areas include:


Management consultants are commonly known as organizational or business advisors. Their job covers elements involving the management sector including company organization and implemented strategies. The main roles they play within a business include:

  • Supply chain management
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Creating business strategies

Financial advisory

Financial advisory consultants tackle roles within the analytical and financial capabilities of a business.  They offer a broad range of financial advice. For example, you can work with a financial consultant when choosing or changing your business entity. You will not have to learn the rules and regulations of setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in your state. A formation service like ZenBusiness can help you start your own LLC in California online so you avoid hefty attorney fees.         

Financial advisory consultants can also take on the roles of:

Risk and compliance consultant

Businesses have to adhere to rules and regulations within their specific industry. These include ethical practices, company standards, and business place laws. Risk and compliance consultants help businesses create compliance policies that protect them from possible brand diminishing issues. They work closely with senior management to determine issues that could arise and implement standard policy.

Naming consultant

Whether you’re naming your startup or your brand architecture, the process can have a number of in’s and out’s so it’s worth hiring an expert to make sure nothing gets overlooked. After all, you’ve already invested so much in your business; don’t skimp on something this important.

To stay competitive in the cutthroat world of business, entrepreneurs have to utilize all the resources that are available to them. Consultants cover the needs that are important in the day and background operations. Each consultant has a set of impactful skills that help a business run efficiently.

Brighter Naming is a full-service professional brand naming agency serving the western world, Japan and China from Silicon Valley, California, at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us today to learn more!

Marissa Perez


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Metaverse is a great move for Zuckerberg

New name for Facebook newsCongratulations are in order for Mr Zuckerberg for having the courage, drive and consistency to stay the course with the big vision of his technology connecting the universe. Meta Platforms Inc. isn’t really the new name for Facebook – after all that remains a big division. Rather Meta is the name for the corporate holding company – a previously missing brand entity. And it has nothing to do with the accidentally coincident current mess about the Facebook Papers that political pundits like to claim.

Corp name change architectureWhen Oracle buys a company, it disappears under the Oracle umbrella. Same for Microsoft. But Facebook has done bigger acquisitions that stand alone and apart from Facebook and I am sure they will be doing some more in the near future.  So now Facebook and Instagram properly reside as sibling divisions and brands under the Meta Platforms Inc. corporate brand and umbrella. Same for Messenger and the VR companies.

This is a big, carefully thought-out strategic move. Mr Zuckerberg has always been a great roadmap visionary of where he wants to go and connect the world and it is nice to see he is not backing down even though they are suffering from being too successful syndrome. I am sure it was carefully thought out, planned and in the works for some time, rather than a knee-jerk reaction because he was called to Washington after some whistle-blowers revealed old news. After all, Google has already done a similar move as it lays big bets on some Alpha startups, and named their parent holding company Alphabet. And this too will go down as one of business’ major corporate name changes.

I still smile when I talk to some friends that seem to think Facebook is the internet – because that is where they spend all their online time. And Facebook has 2.89Billion active users! Wow. Meta might end up with most of the planet visiting one of their sites each month – providing they can improve their security and protection of private data.

Athol Foden

PS Why can’t I delete my birthday from Facebook? After all, it is used as a security key with all my medical records and many of my bank records too. But you can change it. I wonder when Facebook will notice how many very active users they have in California over 100 years old 🙂

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The Top 10 Brighter Naming Differences

Naming consultant for transportation industrial science

Top 10 ways we provide a different level of support for any of your naming projects:

We are marketeers first and namers second.
We have a rich technical, scientific, industrial and financial background.
We are very international with team members around the globe.
We are former systems people and very process-oriented so that we involve all your key stakeholders.
We do all projects on a fixed price, guaranteed results basis, regardless of final number of names presented or hours expended.
We saved every name we ever touched and so have an enormous database of unique names.
We have over 20 years experience and are dedicated to the science and art of naming.
We learned trademark law at a major international firm.
We pioneered Name Audits and Emergency Naming Procedures.
We have name generators, but most of our names are developed by multi-linguistic humans who understand the marketplace, the tone, the strength, the image and the branding potential of a unique name.

Some of our recent accolades:

Congratulations on the Crunchbase article

Voted one of the top 10 branding agencies in Silicon Valley for 2021

“Thanks again for being on the Thought Leader Life show and for sharing your credibility with us. We really appreciate it! See episode on Facebook.”

See also recent articles:

The top 2 most important factors when naming a product or service

Why is finding a trademark sometimes so simple and sometimes devilish complicated?

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The 2 most important factors when naming a product or service

If you have tried naming a new product line or service offering, especially in a big company, then you know what a challenge it can be. Who is in charge? Who makes the final decision? What name style do you like? Do the engineers like? Do the customers care? Should they even get a vote? What makes for a good name? Is it brandable? Is it even available?

A number of different pundits over the years have come up with their top 10 characteristics of a good name. Even we came up with our top 10 characteristics that make a name memorable.

But the little dirty secret of naming that few people want to mention is that there are two other over arching characteristics:

(1) Nothing matters if the boss doesn’t like it.

Name selection approvalYes, you can go through thorough exercises and proper creative brainstorming sessions. Even use outside consultants to help generate a large list of names to work from. Study the top rules for a good name. Even involve a lot of team members. Sometimes clients too. But at the end of the day, the hardest person to involve is the one that has final veto power. The boss himself.

So how do you plan for this? Remember he is too busy usually to sit through all the naming meetings. Realise also he is a manager who is not used to doing any work per se. Rather his or her job is to make decisions all day. So you have to find a way to involve him when you are down to a short list of potential names – and make sure you get his input and feedback at that stage. He is much likelier to endorse a name if it does not come as a surprise and if they feel they had some executive control or say over the final selection.


(2) Nothing matters if the company lawyer doesn’t like it.

L:egal approval of namesRealize that the company lawyer is the one person who can even scare a president off a name. This is because they are looking at liking a name, or not liking it, based on a whole separate set of criteria. Legal doesn’t care if it is easy to spell or say, or catchy with the audience, or has good brand roots or plays off some technology feature. All they care about is can they register and protect the name. This is about when you learn that names are trademarked and not copyrighted and are registered in certain specific international trademark classes. And this has nothing to do with features or small differentiators like in filing patents. Here, a “confusingly similar” name or description is enough to disqualify an application. Also, names are usually trademarked by country or small region (EU, Benelex, etc). But you might be selling your products much further afield than your home country.

So you won’t know if your lawyers like a name until you present it (or better still a short list) to them. However, you can do you own provisional trademark checks by checking registered trademarks online in your primary target markets and also doing basic online searches to make sure no competitor (however vague or far away) has already used the name – or something confusingly similar. This is a great time to start to learn about trademarks to enhance any marketing career – including one overriding simple fact that “generic” names cannot be registered. So forget giving your product a very common (in the industry) name that is already widely used in the literature.

(C) Copyright 2021 Brighter Naming.

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Some names are just so simple and right

I love it when I come across a name that is so simple and so appropriate. And what a bonus when it is also properly trademarked and protected.

Great cross over coined name ideasWell it doesn’t happen often but last week when I was digging in the supermarket for some mushrooms, I saw all they had to offer where these trays of Champs mushrooms. With a name like that how could I resist?

If you are French, or speak French, or known French fine dining (maybe even common dining), then you know the French word for mushrooms is Champignon!

Of course, they don’t pronounce it Champ  – more like Shaamp but that doesn’t matter. Isn’t Champs a great name for mushroom farms  and their products.  By reading English into a French words someone came up with a great name and jumped on it.

No surprise, these mushrooms are imported from Canada, albeit they are from western Canada which isn’t always as French fluent as the eastern  provinces.

Do you know of any other such cross-over names? Do let me know.

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QUDINI – queuing solution applications


The ‘Houdini ‘ for resolving all your business queuing challenges, whether it is systematical or in person. This may be for example in the supermarket social distancing access ‘Green Light’ entrance and monitoring the queues (especially under Covid-19 restrictions in the UK).

Qudini software gurus have advanced their system even further. You no longer need to stand in line for the arduous length of time and brazen the climatic elements. Their mobile/cellphone ever-evolving options enable you to tap into the DIY store/supermarket programme in order to book your spot – the next in the queue. You are given a user-specific code for that shopping moment experience. They inform you of approximate time delay; notify you when it is your turn to leave your vehicle; pick up your shopping trolley/cart; show your identification code (as allocated by Qudini on your mobile) and you enter obligatory masked(!) to a happy, safe, uncrowded, shopping experience.

Houdini was not just an escape artist by magic. No! He carefully thought out each step to analyze the problem of entrapment and restriction. Every disentanglement was done in a pre-studied order, timing and method to emerge successfully free without causing harm to himself, other stage members or his awestruck audience of followers and non-believers.

Retail Choreography – a business-critical strategy

Yes! Qudini has nailed it as being the retail choreographer. They have formed awe-inspiring robust and compelling order to glide us in authoritative sequences across versatile and ever-changing stages. Thus we are able to embrace the changes we face in the ‘new- normal’ business world encountering diverse pandemic, cultural and environmental adjustments.

Name style, origin and tone

Thus, it is ever appropriate for the company to settle on a coined name of the two strong words Queue + Houdini= Qudini [ Cue/dee/nee]or [Kew/di/nee]. The tone and image of the name create the delusion of escaping from the problems surrounding a never-ending, exasperating queueing system. The play on words is puny and memorable.

In the UK we are brought up with the decorum of standing in a queue in an orderly fashion. In the USA you stand in line – same difference. Now in Spain, they have a whole different system of standing anywhere you choose and merely say: ¿Quién es el último? (Who is the last?). Yet the name is portable and easily enunciated by non-English speakers as [koo/di/ni.] In Mandarin Chinese they have the “qu“in 出去 chūqù, which interesting means to “go out.”

The letter q is of undetermined origin, stemming down from an Egyptian hieroglyphic sign appearing like a looped rope leading on to the shape of a twinned loop detected in ancient Semitic calligraphy.

The Romans had attained the early Greek habit usage of koppa for a k sound before u and adapted the sign to a more rounded shape with a curved tail. In this style, the letter Q evolved from Latin into English. Thus, many words in English have the prefix QU.

Many companies have utilized this prefix QU to create unique names and an assured market place over the course. To list but a few are Quaker oats, Quick Books, Quest Softech (India) Ltd., Quintegra Solutions Ltd, or even the Chinese like Qunar (去哪儿 / qù nǎ ér) and Quiksilver (极速骑板 / jí sù qí bǎn). Now, we add Qudini to the special Q-name list.

Quality of a Company’s brand

In order for a name to have that quintessential appeal in their trademark registration category it has to be quite special – it must be ‘heard above the herd’.

Qudini has achieved it!

Naming Alphabet Soup 101

(c) Rosie Reay and BrighterNaming


[Editor: Q is fascinating from a branding point of view as well because it is a sharp spoken character but is usually very round and soft visually.]

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Astra Zeneca – Brand name background

A forthcoming vaccine out of Europe as a cure for Covid-19 seems to be winning the race to market. It is being made by Astra Zeneca. A giant step forward in the right direction by a giant pharmaceutical company.

Do you ever pause and wonder how linguistic, international naming consultants come up with such awe-inspiring and memorable names?

Naming a great product brand and company names are not achieved by merely throwing random names into the magician’s hat and saying, “white rabbits” and hoping the name hops across the polished boardroom table. Naming is a carefully crafted process with many years of in-depth knowledge and long hours of study and research into the etymology of word origin related to thoughts and ideas. These are usually requested by directives within the prospective Naming worksheet (hopefully supporting company documentation on product details/corporate images is forthcoming). However, with start-ups, they may/may not have the marketing knowledge.

Astra Zeneca about from a massive merger, of not only 2 great companies, but by design, they co-joined two historic names in the bio-medicinal industry. “AstraZeneca” is a made-up name, formulated by a Naming/Banding agency directed to discover a unique name, trademark free, which began with the first and last letter of our English alphabet letter. Furthermore, phonetics must ensure memorability in the customer’s minds, while morphology was to consist of no greater than three syllables and without being an insulting innuendo in any language.

Yet, how did they originally come up with Two names👉 Astra+ Zeneca👈?

Hmm?😷👀👂🌟💢 👆💡

Zeneca was successfully formed in June 1993 by the division of the pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals businesses of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) into separate companies.

Origin of zen: Zen means https://www.yourdictionary.com/zen

It is from Japanese 禅 (zen ぜん).

In Buddhism: A philosophy of calm, reminiscent of that of the Buddhist denomination. Zen focuses on awareness through the practice of meditation to become extremely relaxed and collected.

“An approach to an activity, skill, or subject that emphasizes simplicity and intuition rather than conventional thinking or fixation on goals.”
Origin of astral

Astra has deep, poignant roots in the Greek Astron, meaning ‘a star’ = /ˈastr(ə)l/; pertaining to resembling the stars and the importance of astral navigation Also one of the five Greeks gods of the “Wandering Stars” Astra-Planeta = and Astraeus (god of the dusk); their spiritual beings; an existence linking to differing psychic and paranormal phenomena- of which the actual human body is considered a counterpart.


The Oxford counterpart for the Covid-19 seems to be racing against the clock to out-smart Astra Zeneca, as delivering the first vaccine against this awful pandemic virus. We don’t know for 100% surety which will have a more effective cure. Yet, what I do know, is that the name Astra Zeneca does stand out in the crowd and is not in lost in all the other generic names containing “Oxford”. Their name is co-joined. It is unique. It has longevity. And a great logo to match.

Astra Zeneca 3D logo
Designed by Interbrand in 1999

Naming Alphabet Soup 101

(c) Rosie Reay and Brighter Naming
Originally published in Ebrovoice.com 2020

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Of Country and Crackers

California – July 30, 2020.chips and snack food naming

I don’t usually lead off with a dateline, but stay with me…

Around this time of year, I’m reminded of several things, one of which was a conversation I had with one of my young cousins. She has an excellent singing voice, and takes music quite seriously. During our discussion, I mentioned country-and-western…and got a not-altogether-unexpected response:

Young Cousin: “Country-and-western? That’s crap!”

Which teed me up perfectly to advance her education with two introductions. The first was to Sturgeon’s Law. If you’re not familiar with it:

Well-Meaning Friend: “Ted, how can you waste your God-given writing talent on science fiction? Ninety percent of it is crap!”

Writer Theodore Sturgeon (in a return-of-serve for the ages): “True…but then again, ninety percent of everything is crap.”

The second was to what may be, against very stiff competition, the saddest and most beautiful country song ever. Now, we all know that the genre of country music is unique for its capacity to explore tragedy and plumb the depths of the human condition (“Now I don’t mind that she ran off with Fred/But they stole my truck, my dawg still sleepin’ in the bed…”). But songwriters Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison took things to whole new level with their masterpiece, CMA 1997 Song of the Year, “Strawberry Wine”. (It’s been covered by a number of artists, but my favorite, linked above, is also the most popular version, by Deana Carter.)

And the particular lyrics that come back to me at this time of year:snack food brand consulting

“A few cards and letters and one long distance call
We drifted away like the leaves in the fall
But year after year I come back to this place
Just to remember the taste
Of strawberry wine and seventeen
The hot July moon saw everything…*”

* Not to be confused with the Flatt & Scruggs bluegrass classic, “Hot Mule-Eyed June”.

snack food namingAnd I can’t help but wonder if that last line inspired a really great consumer brand name: Late July.

What associations spring to mind from that name? Bar-b-cues, picnics, any sort of alfresco dining…and if you’ve ever been in the Midwest in late July, crops like wheat and corn coming to a perfect ripening…all In all, a lot of good connotations for a snack food company in the business of providing high quality crackers, chips, popcorn, and salsas. From one of their own packages: “Late July is the sweet spot of summer…”

I first tried them out in (of course) late July of 2019, when some friends put together a picnic, and I made a cheese spread…which we put on Late July’s answer to Ritz crackers. They also have several other cracker varieties, including saltines, and a head-to-head competitor of Cheez-Its. In late July 2020, our local health food store (the sort of venue where you may be more likely to find their products, which are non-GMO, vegan, kosher, etc., etc,) decided to have a sale on their corn chips, potato chips, and salsas.

Haven’t yet tried the corn chips, but the potato chips were outstanding. Picked up several jars of salsa, some for gifts, at least one saving for myself…to be enjoyed when I can find some (non-GMO) strawberry wine to wash it down with…

–Greg Marus

[And if you really want to know how corn is grown nowadays on big Midwest farms, you have to watch Laura Farms and her Vlogs on YouTube. 8000 Acres by one family and some big machines. Laura is a charming host and does all sorts of projects, including driving the mega big tractors, spreaders and harvesters – when they aren’t busy driving themselves! High tech ag-tech meets realities of earth, water, crops, etc. Very informative and their concern and care for the soil is very touching.

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A Virus by any other name ….

As the world’s first major pandemic in over hundred years rages on, consumers and the press have adopted two popular shorthand names for it: Corona Virus or Covid Virus. Nowadays the two names are used interchangeably, but which one is the most popular?

Drug and vius naming servicesWell when these names first came into prominence, I realized right away that Corona was a more positive and hopeful name, and Covid was more of harsh and threatening name. This is the kind of thing professional namers study. In fact, if these two names were the finalists in a naming project I would ask the client about their brand values. Do you want to be more friendly and polite or do you want to be more serious and threatening? Then the decision between two good names suddenly becomes easy and management can agree and move on.

Similarly, today that the threat and hatred for the disease spreads and there is not as much hope for quick solutions and cures and more dread of catching it, the term Covid has become far more prevalent than the friendlier term Corona.

(C) 2020 Brighter Naming
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