Branding Books

Are you fairly well educated but didn’t study marketing and branding at college?

Are you working for a startup or smaller business – which are never quoted in the college textbooks anyway?

Then Brighter Branding may be for you.

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Brighter Names Book

Complete naming process primer for collaborative naming teams

Want to learn how to run your own naming process from start to finish? Here is a basic methodology designed to find a suitable name and bring all the team members to consensus.

Shows you how to check names as you go and develop shorter and shorter lists instead of just sucking your pencil and guessing.

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Fun Childrens’ Naming Book

teach kids a naming process and have a fun read

First book in the Chimona Chronicles series… where the kids learn a naming process by following the process all the critters by the lake use to get Kelvyn his name.

Written by our own Rosie Reay. Ideal for early readers and grandparents reading to younger kids.

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