testimonials and references for brighter namingNaming project endorsements

“Thank you for your guidance through this important project. We appreciate the creativity, diligent process and experience you applied to this endeavor.” …C.B.

Initially I was slightly concerned that, being a customer from Europe, it might be challenging due to time difference, but the process went very smoothly and resulted in a great business name and excellent tagline.“… W.P.

“We sincerely appreciate your tagline positioning help and trademark knowledge, in addition to the fine naming work.” … B. H.

“We have been growing exponentially since the rebranding.” … S.E.

“We couldn’t have done it without you. Even our Asian factory embraced the name immediately.”  …D.T.

“Our new name is just perfect for too many reasons to list. We are using it right away on our public company.” … Z. E.

“We just love our new name!”… B.R.

“Thanks for your help and assistance, including advice on the logo.”… S.R.

“Really appreciate you putting up with us as we changed our minds.”  … E.S.

Naming customer review and endorsement

“It is a good strong name that will serve us well. Great job.”  … R.S.

“I have enjoyed going through the naming process with you. Prior to the first couple of calls I remember thinking…what is this guy going to say to pull more ideas out of my head. But your way of discussing the names and going over the process with us seemed to be very effective. We are happy with the names that were chosen and are excited about taking them to market” … M.W.

“As far as I can tell, the only thing they got right at Solyndra was the name. That is why we hired you.” … S. B.

“Your advice and insight is much appreciated.”   … R.T.

“Love our new name and tagline. It is just perfect.” … S.K.

“I am almost sad the project is over as I enjoyed the meetings so much.” …K.K.

“Our new name is growing well on us.”  … M.N.

“Really a pleasure to work with you. Love all the insights.”  … B.B.

“You are a great meeting facilitator.”  … L.A.

“Thanks so much for bringing us to the most perfect name for our agency.”  A.M.

“Wish I had found you earlier.”  … Sebastian

 “You really should charge us more.” … M. W.

“Anyone can call me for a reference.”  … T. P.

“Brighter Naming did a great job for us.” … R.S.

“I respect your opinion and experience with how concepts inter relate.” … B.D.

“I was very pleased with your firm’s work on my project.”  … D.G.

“You were right. By the end of the project we were treating the new names as if they were common words we are accustomed to using. “  …  P.M.

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