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Silicon Valley’s original full-service naming consultants are now virtual and working worldwide. We can help you name your new product or product family using our proven systematic methodology to ensure good clean results in short order. We are former tech marketeers and are very focused on key scientific, industrial, biotech and industrial markets.

This includes naming software applications, hardware devices, instruments and all sorts of equipment. More than just names. We offer free advice on trademark protection, linguistics, rollout and management meeting facilitation.

Industrial Scientific Automation AI naming

Company Names

Software Hardware Instruments naming

From sole proprietor startups to new divisions or corporate naming, we have done it all. Our process and prices scale depending on your organization’s size and the number of people involved.

On all naming projects we provide a fixed price with guaranteed results, regardless of the final number of names submitted, execs involved or hours expended. We stay with you until your business has a new name and you are signed off.

Legal Trademark Checks

Domestic or worldwide trademark checks of your proposed names are one of our specialties. Often we just do these para-legal level checks for other creative teams as it is a different skill from the purely creative side of name generation.

Domain, common law and basic popular business language linguistics reports are included as well for finalist names.

International trademark checking


Technical naming experienced consultant

Hitech, biotech, scientific and industrial

Software, hardware and telecom

Medical, research, healthcare

Industrial, distribution, transportation, engineering

Financial, real estate, hospitality and insurance

Sports, equipment, clothing, consumer, retail

Education, non-profit, construction


Nowadays naming needs a rigorous process to ensure good results in a fairly quick time frame. Names that are embraced by all, including the CEO and his lawyer.

While each project is slightly different, our systematic process starts with hundreds of fresh new names from our naming team. These are supplemented by names from our extensive databases and sorted and searched to present 75+ provisionally available names at the first meeting.

From there on it is an interactive, converging process. We do the heavy lifting and all the checking and tabulation. Your naming team does all the selections so they have an ownership stake from the get-go.

Naming consultant process driven

Sample Work

Brighter Consultant Sample Naming Work

With over 20 years of experience and many projects per year, we are happy to say we have completed hundreds of successful projects.

See our naming portfolio organized by industry.

We have also done extensive work for major biotech, instrumentation, polymer, paper, oil & gas companies, as well as other branding and marketing agencies.

Taglines & Slogans

Good names can be enhanced for positioning and clarity with a good tagline or slogan. But they need to work in harmony and be strong and short like the title on a billboard. Often they save your team from putting long tails on the name which are a burden forevermore and lead to you too easily being lost in a sea of initials.

Plus taglines can much more easily evolve over time with few legal issues compared to the name itself.

Taglines and slogans consultant

Brand Architecture

Branding architecture consultants

Do all your names sound like they belong to the same parent and master brand? If you are starting or revamping a new product or service line, now may be the time to standardize your name architectures and let us create a roadmap for future offerings based on our best-in-class studies.

So often the view from your new customers’ position is different to that from an internal engineering or organizational perch.

Detailed Proposals

Contact us today for your own detailed fixed-price proposal. Our process is usually fast and streamlined but do indicate if you have a real emergency naming need.

Partnership agencies are welcome too.

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Great .com Domains for Sale

See our list of professionally created .com domains that are for sale. Start your branding right with a unique new name that has good roots and trademark clearance.

Read other interesting articles about naming and trademarks on this website so you better understand the challenges of creating names and protecting them.

Naming Critic Report

See how the Naming Critic rates the name and logo for Panda Express.

Then read whether your name is an immediate winner with your target audience? Or simply a boring copy-cat variation? See the Name Critic’s ratings of various known names – and a few obscure ones too.