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Silicon Valley’s original full-service naming agency is now virtual and working worldwide. We can help you name your new business, product or services using our proven systematic methodology to ensure good, legally clean results in rapid fashion. Unique, original names to build your brand, even for very technical, industrial, scientific or medical applications.

More than just names. We offer free advice on trademark protection, linguistics, rollout and management meeting facilitation.

Consumer, retail, financial, educational, real estate, hospitality and non-profit naming in rapid fashion too. A full service agency working at consultant prices. Save a lot of time and money on your new company or product launch while keeping your lawyer happy.

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With over 20 years of experience and many projects per year, we are happy to say we have completed hundreds of successful projects.

See our naming portfolio organized by industry.

We have also done extensive work for major biotech, instrumentation, polymer, paper, oil & gas companies, as well as other branding and marketing agencies.

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Great .com Domains for Sale

See our list of professionally created .com domains that are for sale. Start your branding right with a unique new name that has good roots and a full trademark clearance report.

Agilacore, Assurahome, Avidaserve, Enviray, Zanagram, Tegracare, Sherpanion, Qviago, Imaginora, and many more.