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AccunomicsLogoFor more profitable large oil industry businesses based on the East and West Coast, as well as Australia and Africa, through detailed pricing and financial analysis, call the consultants at Accunomics. Note their tagline “The Science of Profitablity” too.

Viscadia partners with other entities in specialized pharmaceutical markets to provide informed analytical financial consulting. ViscadiaLogo

StellarPeakLogoFrom their base in Fairfax VA, Stellar Peak is providing language, translation and other communications consulting services to the government and armed forces.

For new online job hunting tools in Canada or USA please see Acuspire. naming recruiting software

ShadowEdgeLogoShadow Edge Security Consulting employs some of the finest former police and security officers from the FBI, CIA and US Military to provide protection to high profile private, government and military personnel, on a global basis from their HQ in Denver, Colorado.

KeystrataLogoKeystrata is a global provider of Enterprise Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions on a project and professional services basis. They provide best in class consulting to help you uncover the most profitable solutions and best strategies from immense structured database systems. Offices now around the country in addition to their original base in Troy, Michigan

Naming of healthcare and medical services, facilities and product brandingTo optimize your IT healthcare systems for healthier revenue cycles, call the healthcare systems consulting professionals at Evoscale in their Silicon Valley, California HQ.

Naming for communications consultants and professionalsGreat communications programs have action plans is part of the rallying cry of Zennetics Communications, a very experienced and professional agency out of the greater L.A. area in Southern California. They are especially strong multimedia, web and written media consultants.

Your Canadian naming and branding consultants guru agencyAfter helping this fine Canadian web consultants and graphics design team in Canada come up with the name Effectiv, we also helped them with the tagline Building Dreams Online. Do partner with them when you want professional work by an experienced, affordable team.

Naming legal services and products with good branding consultantsWhen Topaz Research released a complete system to help law firms track their legal research, however big the case, we helped them come up with the Quatrove name. Plus we love their tagline “Where intelligent research begins“. And have you ever seen a more creative branding of the letter Q? Right away you start to think about a quality/quantative treasure trove of data.

Naming of government systems integratorsThere are many IT integration firms in and around Washington D.C. They are often affectionately referred to as The Beltway Bandits. So how do you start one more and stand out from the crowd? With a strong new aspirational name is one way. And that is exactly how Keen Bay came to be.

“We felt very comfortable throughout the naming process as all our questions were covered in detail. That greatly helped us in our decision making.” …S.W.