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Startup naming is slightly different to naming an existing company or product line, mostly because the management team is new so they have usually not yet discovered their brand values, long term direction and customer perception. As a result, these items will come up during the naming process and be a distraction to the project – but they are important distractions and often have to be addressed.

Naming a new startup businessAlso, a startup entrepreneur is always keen to tell the world about his or her new business, and so they often get very biased towards a descriptive name that quickly tells the world what they do. For most people this is very natural as it is hard for them to see how the world will perceive their brand name once they really have executed on their business plan.

For technology, industrial, and financial professionals in particular, this is a very real dilemma. But they are selling to people too, and some insight into how consumer companies create, evolve and promote brands can be of a major benefit. No you don’t need to go out and hire a consumer marketing guru, but you can benefit from a naming agency that has broad cross industry experience, good linguistic skills and thorough legal checking expertise so you don’t waste your precious startup capital on lawyers.

Not only was Brighter Naming once a very small startup, but the owners have started other companies and helped name many, many startups. While the advice, research and consulting may be slightly different, our naming process still guides the project and keeps it on track.

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