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How to find a clear name for a new service or consulting business

#ServiceNaming: Services are products too. They need to be packaged and marketed just like real tangible products. And like real products they occur in many different industries, so an I.T. Service company, Telecom Service company, Industrial Products Service company or a Financial Services company all need very distinct and different name styles.

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Whether it is a scientific or technical service, consumer, medical or financial, you are marketing it to humans with their natural reaction to names.

But there are only a few trademark classes for services, so extra care may be needed on the legal checks. This is complicated by the fact that so many small service companies historically have not registered their names. Plus trademark law has been evolving and changing more here than in the goods section.

For example, SaaS (software as a service is now here) as are a lot of other special internet-based businesses, including social media networks, whatever their application.

So when doing service name checks, we often do full company name checks too.

Service naming has become a significant part of our business. Help position your new service offerings with a great service slogan.


Do you use a longer descriptive name in service marketing, like Sunshine Cleaning Services?

Or do you give it a short sweet name that is eminently brandable and protectable with a national trademark, like Solarity say, and use a tagline like “Your sunshine cleaning service” for positioning?


Our team will help suggest and guide you through such situations so that you and your lawyers are both comfortable. The answers may be very different for a small company vs a larger entity.

 To be of true service I must know two things: his need, my capacity………..Nikita Panin.

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