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This portfolio page shows part of Brighter Naming’s experience in the medical, healthcare, biotech and related industries. We also have extensive naming consulting and experience in the scientific and drug discovery, instruments, systems and life sciences marketplace including chemicals, polymers, reagents and nutraceuticals.

There are many treatment centers for addicts around the country. Now the best advisors have banded together to make a nationwide chain of facilities employing all the latest methods. From Florida to California to Massachusetts and many other states.  healthcare naming, facilities naming, medical names
Getting drugs to market is a big job, and the marketing efforts are substantial, so Viscadia, headquartered in San Diego, Southern California, specializes in helping pharmaceutical companies in all business aspects in this field. naming of pharmaceutical and medical consultants
 The field of radiology has been evolving to one of digital image interpretation and management, rather than simply handling and viewing old XRay plates.  As RadFilm grew into this space, from their HQ in New York, they felt the need for  a new name and image. See them today at Brightview Radiology.  Digital medical xray technology naming
 When you start a new California pharmaceutical company to develop small-molecule drugs for neurodegenerative diseases, you need a unique but applicable name. We helped them come up with the name Neuraltus to use once their initial VC funding was in place.  
Based out of Florida, but immediately working across the USA and even the world, Smylr is a new social media site that uses video chats to connect people with similar health, sickness and disease related challenges. Smylr Logo for health care
 Marrone Bio Innovations is fast growing as a leader in organic natural pesticides and herbicides, saving the farmers and the land from all those chemicals traditionally used. Already hard at work protecting citrus crops in Florida is their advanced, broad spectrum insect and mite control product called Grandevo.  naming of biotech products and services agency
For the new patient referral system that properly rewards and tracks referrals, see MedTegra, a new business operating out of the MidWest. Medical device and services naming professional agency
For an implantable real time monitoring glucose metering system, see Cirridian a UK based company. Naming consultants for UK medical devices and facilities
Drug trials and testing, as well as empirical follow-up consumer research involve numerous questions, trials, and results, all of which has to be captured properly in some database or filing system. Observant, out of Massachusetts, has patented such methods and their database tool is now called Questrill. medical research database naming
 For a new sculptured body with the latest in liposuction and laser surgery, head over to a Miradiance facility, operating out of Illinois and Milwaukee.  medical facility and services naming consultants
To optimize your IT healthcare systems for healthier revenue cycles, call the professionals at Evoscale in their Silicon Valley, California HQ. Evoscale
 After coming up with the unique coined name Concuity for the former, we helped them name their product family ClearContracts.  
And at the end of the day, someone has to do all the medical billing. AvidaMed (Massachusetts and Georgia) is one such company from a recent merger.  
 Certatrust is a Texas online service to monitor patients on rehabilitation programs.  patient and medical consulting and naming
 Looking for a licensed therapist but unable to visit in person? Try the new TalkLife service. Originally from Oregon they are now Nevada based.  
  Like many other medical institutions their plastics are probably based on products like the Solviva family of biomaterials from Solvay Chemicals in Georgia.  
  When medical equipment company Novasonics was told they couldn’t keep using that name, we helped them rename their company after their new zone based technology. Today they are a market leader in mobile ultrasound under the name Zonare. Their headquarters are on the San Francisco peninsula, California.  technical and scientific naming consultants
  Creating great presentations and images for the pharmaceutical industry requires the dedicated services of an agency specializing in that field. Hence the birth and growth of Viscira.  
 The job of taking drugs back when they expire or are recalled is also a complicated task. Qualanex (out of New Jersey) is a growing leader in this field of reverse logistics.  
 medical specialty naming  When you are in the UK and your new clinic chain restores peoples agility and flexibility, Agilaflex is an obvious choice.
bio organic pesticides The green and healthy way to fight pests that invade our water supply, is with organic remedies. And to kill the Zebra mussle, use Zequanox from Marrone Bio.
TOKU-E’s new EvoPure™ grade antimicrobials push the limits of technology in a field where precision is king. Drastically shorten or eliminate re-optimization times for your gene selection experiments by using ultra-pure products.

And when you are tired of counting your daily pills or mixing them up, order a Veradose from Gramedical.

We have also done extensive work on numerous products over the years for a major biotech equipment vendor!

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“I’m quite excited that we actually broke away from the usual naming mold and created something unique.” L. T.