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From our high tech roots we have expanded dramatically into consumer naming fields. A key part of this success has been our speed of execution because of our proven naming process that helps facilitate executive meetings and decision making. In addition our large databases of names allow the exploration of all sorts of smooth sounding names, often in very crowded fields like food, house goods, furnishings, fashion, cosmetics, neutraceuticals, clothing, shoes and other retail fields, including retail stores themselves.

Branding of new cosmetics linesShiadora3BottlesLaunched recently this new Shiadora skin care line is based on 100% naturally pure Aragan oil which only comes from the Aragan plant of Morocco.

The very luxurious Beaver Creek Spa in the Ohnaming of beauty and skin care productsio Midwest also has another name which includes its skincare line of products.  See Viasera in use at this top class facility.

Soap branding, organic product brandingTravelling through Kansas? Especially in the Topeka area, well then stop in and visit Trovina for some lovely organic hand made soaps. Or order some off the website. We did and love them, as well as the rich name.

If you are well known in New York and all around the North East as an Italian food Naming food products, new food product brandingcompany, with very Italian names, how do you break out into other markets? With other names of course – the first of which Harvest Traditions we made for them.

Starting in Southern California, including Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County and Los Angeles County, you can now trust your home care to the annual plan intelligent offerings from Abriza.

When you have many different online websites, all with very descriptive and specific names, you could unite them under the Drivespeed name. But then only a few rowing insiders from Boston would know the meaning of the name. To go really big and to be a general merchandiser with new headquarters in San Francisco Bay, CA and a warehouse in St. Louis, MO  they needed a new name like Mercantila.

If you start a niche business and call it The Flirting School, that is kind of fun. But when it grows and you realize you are on to something, it is time to grow up and rename it Aspirago. Originally out of Atlanta they have been spreading to Seattle and beyond.

Similarly, Lilac and Lilies is a new online fashion boutique out of Florida, but selling nationwide.

For fine custom jewelry direct from a US factory in Ohio and the greater midwest, you can do no better than visiting Diamonds Rock. We did the short tagline for them too.

A fun new product to cover your shoes, even your high heels or boots, on rainy or snowy days, is now on the market with the chic name of Shuella.

At the same time, you can hang your clothes easier with Hangflex and create a quick slideshow from your photos with PhotoPeach.

Looking to get a pre-workout muscle building advantage? What could be better than Steel Edge? It is from a Florida company where so many neutraceutical entities are based.

Spend too much time in the gym and now you need to fill in all your own divorce papers? Divorce Writer simplifies the process and keeps you legal.

Where do you keep that iPod if you are a busy lady on the go? In its own pouch in your Delapod handbag of course.

Want to communicate with any group, around a virtual room or white board, for free? Then it is time for Open Huddle.

Need immediate same day shipment? See if your online store uses Ensenda.

Shopping for shoes at Journey’s or one of the Underground stores? Watch for these brand names, especially in the southern and south west states:
MiGo, Quaint & King, Icora, Sarah-Jayne and others. You will also find some of them in the Shï stores, especially in Tennesee and the south east.

Shopping online for the finest in safari and wildlife jewelry – especially elephant hair knot bracelets in precious metals? Mouse on over to

Need help merchandising and packaging and branding your consumer products for shelves in US and Europe? Then call Novadora for help, or Zymmetry for fine international logistics work too.

Groupon might have started hot as hot, but others are now improving on their idea. For one, in North Carolina and throughout the South East, RallySpark is giving businesses and consumers much better value for their money.

For two product lines, two different names or one name and a descriptive? There is no simple answer until you study the potential names, the applications right through the distribution channels, and the wishes of upper management in creating a naming architecture that will endure. The Breeza line from Brondell is one simple example of such a process.

For all your home maintenance needs in Southern California, and soon throughout the state, call Alltegra. A one stop shop you can trust.

And for an elegant family shared coffee book family memory keeper see the very fine ArchivaLife and sit Grandma down now to help you complete it.

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