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  If you have a Motorola, Nokia or NEC cell phone, it probably includes the Symbian® operating system This was a major internation project that Athol, now president of Brighter Naming, ran. Also a name he personally created – usually his team submits the winning name!  
From Québec, Canada we now have EddyFi, the new big company in the field of non destructive testing equipment. Note the great tagline we did for them too.  
Lustros Ltd. (Ticker – LSLD) is a US publicly traded company that owns 80% of the outstanding shares of Bluestone SA. Bluestone SA is a Chilean private company that is involved in the manufacturing of copper sulfate and copper mining through its subsidiary Sulfatos Chile. The company has another Chilean subsidiary Mineraltus SA (which we also named) that specializes in extracting copper from tailings dumps. naming international industrial company consultant
 Some people have a warm heart to help the dump children of Cambodia. So much so that one Canadian put his money and heart towards founding Canodia, and we put our heart into creating this name, tagline and logo.
 Creating a new wave of advertising media for people in the air and on the go, Cuavio leads the way in Germany and across all of Europe for inflight and in transit advertising. They especially requested a unique and different name to stand out from the crowd.
Need top class international translation services? They have US sales and support contacts, but this is a Spanish based company that wanted to be different to all the other sound-alike agencies. Spelling was tweaked from English root word of pinnacle to get the more typical Spanish spelling.  
 Translating roughly as “one world” Unibera is a major development company in Noida, outside New Delhi in India.  development corporate naming consulanting help
Products for a nation within a nation. This product line targets the 56million Hispanic population of North America.  
 Another product designed for a Spanish speaking marketplace, both in the USA and in Central and Latin America, though the success of this product line has it already crossing over into the general market.But the name still works. Phonetically it is New Me or New Me Me in English! That is how you will feel if this weight loss program works for you.  
The Smart Releaser Pro product line is from another company that also targets the Hispanic marketplace. Their preference, however, was to still use English names, so they definitely can move into the main stream US marketplace when the time is right.  
When you are based in Hungary, but want to project an international knowledge and team for translation services, then you need a name that adds a little magic and mystery, yet is made up of common component parts.And that is the story of Language Zen who’s old name was very hard to pronounce or remember for native English  speakers.  
Another great new line of networking products out of Asia, including Wifi, Routers and other connectivity devices, and those where power runs along the ethernet cables. Apple products too. All from Cadyce.  
When you are in the UK and your new clinic chain restores peoples agility and flexibility, Agilaflex is an obvious choice.  

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“Brighter Naming did a great job for us.” … R.S.