Product Slogans

Understanding the Power of Product Slogans

Some very famous taglines.

When a tagline is for a product family or a product brand, more often it is called a Slogan.

Same idea. Similar process.

How are products and services positioned? How does this mesh with the corporate position? What is the rallying cry for the product teams? They have their own values and personalities too – part of which they inherit from the parent. Any company can be a lighthouse, but what does yours really do?

See Tagline Process for samples of some of the taglines & slogans we have created.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it….. George Lois (advertising executive)

Advertising Slogans

Whether it be for a company, a product line, a service or simply a new campaign or event, your brief advertising message needs to be strong and powerful whatever your medium.

People are driving by billboards at 60 mph, or skimming the magazine or surfing the internet at a fast pace. A few well chosen words can make a big difference.

Our creative wordsmiths are standing by to help you generate some good slogan concepts using a process similar to our corporate tagline work. We don’t just come up with one or two we think are great. We come up with 20 or 30 or more from a variety of perspectives, and then help facilitate marketing meetings to narrow down, refine and check the final slogan.