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This portfolio page is but a small sample of all the work we have done in technical, scientific, software, consulting and systems naming. Since we come from a technical background and initial focus, no naming project  is too technical for the Brighter team.

  If you have a Motorola, Nokia or NEC cell phone, it probably includes the Symbian® operating system, a major project Athol, now president of Brighter Naming ran and a name he personally created.  
It took years of intense research, but finally Wavii can deliver you an intelligent wave of information tailored specifically to your wishes. Update: Wavii has now been sold to Google for multiple millions of dollars.
 If you have great new solar technology packaged in a very different cylindrical shape, wouldn’t you want a strong name like Solyndra? This company has been all over the financial news for their spectacular rise, funding, government loans and subsequent implosion, but when we first met them, they didn’t even have an office of their own.  
If you need strong, fast analytical business intelligence in the new mobile world, then consult with Qstride from Detroit, Michigan. QstrideLogoSml
From Québec, Canada we now have EddyFi, the new big company in the field of non destructive testing equipment. Note the great tagline we did for them too.  
 Need to deploy and connect sensors rapidly in harsh environments? Call Agilatech today. From their offices in Bozeman Montana, and based on their extensive military experience, they can ship solutions nationwide in short order.  Naming industrial and scientific products, high tech naming
Throughout North America, including Canada, call Inceptra for all your advanced CAD/CAM and product life cycle management tools and integration needs.
 Good product flow from designer to manufacturer to shippers to retailers provide superior competitive advantages in the fashion industry today. Today Zymmetry provides the software to track and monitor these logistics for some of New York’s biggest brands.  
 When your name is Mr. HVAC, that is pretty cool (pun intended). But what do you call yourself when grow bigger into other contracting industries, and way beyond your Kansas roots? A quick fix to Easy Street Software was a disaster, so they called the brighter team and today they provide applications software for many verticals all under their Aptora brand name. might look very good on paper, and very logical to an engineer delivering infrastructure software and services to the printing industry. But try saying it on the phone 20 times a day to new prospects! Today they are PageDNA and sales are up 60%.  
 As an emerging leader in software for mobile devices, your old Celunite name could be quite a handicap. Today they are Azingo and can move right into the consumer space too, zinging messages through the air to people-on-the-go.  
Down in Florida Data Clarity develops great corporate software so management can really see what is going on. No more spending days and weeks making templates, simply install DashInsight.  
 eBots was a fun name, but what if that is not what you do? If you provide the ultimate in lean manufacturing systems, you are so much better off as Ultriva, especially when you are based in Silicon Valley but most of your clients are in the Midwest.  
 For all your web and IT Services, professionally done using a combination of onshore and offshore designers and programmers, contact CoreTegra. Serving the East Coast and beyond.  naming and branding of IT services
Realtime traffic monitoring on big networks takes some special hardware and software tools, especially to minimize any overhead. We love the name we came up with for CPacket‘s monitoring tool: cVu. Today this is a complete suite of system admin monitoring tools. Critical communications naming consultancy
 As so many IT and other software companies rush to join the cloud revolution, there is much jockeying for cloud solutions. Velostrata is a key player in the new hybrid cloud space.  international cloud software company and product naming or branding
 Similarly we found yet one more name with the root word Web in it. See what an Advantage this San Jose company gets from the name Webvanta?  WebvantaLogo2
 If you have one of those new wireless security locks on your house or business property, that automatically sends status to the internet, then you may know the name Brivo. They are based in Maryland on the Atlantic Coast.  
 Need top class business intelligence and data warehousing support? Try the services of Keystrata, a new spinoff in Minnesota with a lot of technical expertise.  
Plus we have done a lot of work with plastic polymers with names like Primospire and Epispire, using common roots to organize the product family naming architecture, all part of the Ultraspire family.  
Separately some of these polymers have been reformulated and reorganized under the SolVivo family name for the medical industry.
Need the best in film and video intellectual rights management? Visit Verance and ask about Cinavia.
Great new line of networking products out of Asia, including Wifi, Routers and other connectivity devices, and those where power runs along the ethernet cables. Apple products too. All from Cadyce. naming network products
We were also the third naming company brought in to rescue a project, the final name (which is not ours…but we helped them pick it and put the project on track) you all knew well as Cingular®.
Similarly for Allstate Insurance and their Encompass name.
Need to integrate your shipping with your bookkeeping? Visit Teapplix and ask about ActionShip®.
Naming services for software products

Not just techie names anymore. See Full Naming Portfolio for a complete overview of all our work.

“Everybody loves the outcome – and how quickly you managed the project.” A. A.