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Business names that work around the world.

You don’t just need a name. You need a name that reflects the personality, vision, inspiration and leadership of your management team. A name that rises to the top of the competitive marketplace and shines like a beacon to announce your brand promise. A name that is unique, available and legally clean. One that roles off the tongue but lodges in the brain.


But how do you get there in a timely fashion without drilling a hole in the budget?

Our experienced assistance will help you manage the project from start to finish. For less than the price of that first brochure or advertisement, we will use our proven process to find a name that is legally and linguistically clean. More importantly…it won’t be some awkward, unpronounceable, weird spelling concoction that no one likes.


Long Master Name List:

We’ll do the “heavy lifting” and generate many, many names, and check, check many names. But your management team will pick the final names and the ultimate winner. A major part of our function is to act as professional facilitators, so we work hard to listen to all your needs, emotions and tones. We are very empathetic with your daily problems and the joys/frustrations of the naming process, because we are former senior managers in companies big and small.

Executive Meeting Facilitation:

Wouldn’t you be better at naming if you did it all day, every day? And had a passion for names and a strong language and multicultural background? Typical company and product management only does naming once every two years or so. Is it no wonder it gives them headaches and frustrations, and no one knows how to get enough raw data, meetings to converge, or lawyers to smile? You have to satisfy left brain, right brain, top brain and bottom brain demands. See Brains for more details.

Domain Clearance:

Nowadays an internet domain name is needed in partnership with every company name. We strive to match your new company name, your  domain name and your trademark for the most branding power. While your full tradename may have a descriptor tail (e.g. network systems, Inc), it is the unique protectable piece of the company name that we are searching for first.

Legal Checks:

Just because your county or state says the name is clear for registration, doesn’t mean you are not infringing on someone else’s trademark. There may even be a company with the same name two states over. Your Secretary of State won’t care. You will if you ever get a cease and desist letter. So at each stage of the process our legal checks get tighter and tighter, to ensure your finalist names are cleared nationwide (and even worldwide if needed).


Fixed price, guaranteed clearance of final name, regardless of the number of names or hours. We stay with you until the name is signed off by upper management and the necessary lawyers. See Naming Process to discover our proven methodology.

Naming self funded startupsSole Proprietor:

We were once very small too – so our promise on creating this agency was never to forget the one person startup. As a result, today we still cater to sole proprietors, even if they don’t have an office yet. #NamingStartups.

Emergency Naming Services:

When you get that dreaded cease and desist letter. When you are going to a show next week and just found out someone else has the same name. When the judge says change the name now. That is when we can invoke our emergency accelerated naming process. We prefer to do our normal process in an accelerated fashion if we have at least 10 days, but otherwise are happy to help since we are always tracking available names. In fact, our sister site, Brighter Branding offers some of them ready to go with logo.

Non Profits:

Helping non-profits with namingSuch organizations often need to cut through the noise as they go out to solicit grants and funding. Or to attract consumers from their target marketplace. So they deserve good names too and not just a set of initials to get lost in. So we offer non-profit naming services at a reduced rate and cater to the many constituent parties that may be involved.

A rose tree by any other name is a flowery thorn bush………. Athol.