Financial, Real Estate, Insurance, Construction

The financial,  insurance, management consulting, real estate and construction naming fields are very crowded as there are many large and small institutions all competing for the same few descriptive words that are available in the English language. These are also in very close trademark categories, which makes the project even more challenging especially as many execs are very analytical and not used to the more creative, abstract words of new brands. However, eventually, we get them all to good results, some of which are portrayed below.

Forced to change their name for legal reasons, Datastream Insurance, headquartered in Silicon Valley with strong UK connections. Their AI based cyber discovery tools help them quickly and properly size an organisation’s cyber insurance risk. Insurance Company Naming
 When you discover your own unique niche tracking shop buildouts in interior construction and design for major retailers, you need a name that reflects your strength. Coming off a very generic business name, Lumatrak, headquartered in Tennesse, is poised for big growth as their applications are SaaS based and so they reach the whole country very easily and quickly. Naming construction software
When you have set your heart on calling your new international recruiting firm Summit, but the lawyers say no go, what do you do? Especially when it is the last minute and even the web graphics are in place. Then you transcend to a new era of services and call your agency Transcera, even if you are in upstate Idaho. Naming HR Services
 When your agency has outgrown its old niche, when the world has gone digital, and when you are often lost in the alphabet soup of other sister organizations, it is time to Spark a new communications life into your Chicago Illinois corporation.  
 Need help to facilitate special business trade between the US and Europe? Visit EvoGlobe for help. Notice their clean and clear tagline that we developed too for use in Washington and Germany.  
Need financial help in Las Vegas? Or thinking of setting up a Nevada corporation? Call the team at Mintbridge for the best in local help.
 Trying to rescue your house from foreclosure? We created the HomeBackers name and tagline for a helpful Oklahoma service. Full service financial help with a dose of southern hospitality.  
 A top class print and packaging broker, facilitator and worldwide brand logistics company needs a name better than MMA partners to properly personify their agile handling of their customers’ materials. Today they are called Agilaire and are based on the San Francisco peninsula.  
 For true Wealth management help in Ohio and the North East, contact Ultrova.  
 In Indiana and the midwest, contact Bridgeview Financial to help with all your financial and retirement planning.  
 And when you want to train your executives in the best of negotiating skills and tactics, sign them up with Table Force of Ohio.  
When you want clear  views of all your critical corporate information, use Dash Insight from Data Clarity in Florida.
 Even when you merge with your brothers’ company, a new name is required without too many family fights. Edenali can handle all your construction, real estate and cabinetry work in a powerful one-stop shop in Virginia.  
 But for real estate in New Hampshire, the north east, or Florida, call the team at LeaderGate.  
 Creating a new wave of advertising media for people in the air and on the go, Cuavio will be leading the way in Germany and soon all of Europe.  
 Looking to manage all you online ad spending and measurement? Try Ad Director from WebTrends of California and Oregon.  
If you have been going postal up in the Pacific Northwest trying to find a new name for your office services outlet, you may want to buzz around to a simple name like The Biz Zone.
If you have been looking for real estate in the high desert country of Southern California, then maybe you should call NarrowGate Properties.

“What a great initial list of names. My wife and I spent the weekend pouring over it.” F.C.

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