Title Process

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Judge it by its title!

Yes, that powerful short title of a book has to make it jump off the shelf and off the reviewer’s page. But why would an author want help from an agency to name his or her own title? Because sometimes you are just too close to the trees. Or you just are hung up on the contents and miss out on the key need to attract attention? Or you just don’t get marketing and what a book goes through before it starts to sell.

We have seen many a good non-fiction book fail because some detailed consultant couldn’t stop and wrote a boring long title to name his great work. A title is once again short hand for your brand. It must be short and sweet so it lends itself to easy recall and powerful word of mouth usage.

In this book John's lead character insists on getting a new cell phone that runs the proper Symbian operating system - which we named in a big international project for Nokia, Motorola and NEC.

In an interesting turn of legal matters, duplicate book titles are allowed and there is no way to protect a title. But we are still going to check thoroughly so at least you know what is out there. And then, of course, we will help you strive to be different.

In the old days, and for a few big authors still, your editorial team has time to address these matters. In fact, most serious publishing contracts make sure that the publisher, and not author, gets the final say on the title! For the rest of you, this may be a good investment, especially if you have been struggling with the title.

Our title naming service is very similar to our tagline service.  We generate at least a hundred titles, pick the top 30 or so for initial presentation, then engage in serious dialog and editing with the author as we narrow the list down to five finalists. After some quick checking and other feedback, the winner is selected.


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