Tagline Process

How to create a new tagline or slogan for your business or product line

Experience counts. Hire an experienced industry sage.

Slogan and tagline development nowadays needs to be a rigorously creative project too. Not just by writers in the creative department, but also by product people, and professional wordsmiths who have worked in the trenches of sales and marketing. While we do not need to move as many slogans as you do need to process names, slogan development follows a similar methodology at Brighter Naming.

Nothing less than a hundred to start with from male and female, east and west coast, US and International proven developers. This is followed by professional facilitation, listening and testing as we progress, with many variations and tweaks to find just the right few words that capture the true essence of your message.

And, of course, the boring legal checks too.

Sample Taglines

Here are some of the taglines we have come up with:

The Power of Focus
The Art of Connecting

Performance Matters

Attract some attention
Your Network, Our Passion

The Power of Performance

Creating a radiant new you
Factory Direct Fine Jewelry
Making the service industry more profitable
Creating Bright Minds
Open Doors to International Trade
You bag it - We grab it!
Inspiring Smart Sparks

The Science of Profitability
The Power of Performance

Alternative Monitoring Solutions

Making Vacation Dreams Come True

Canadians helping Cambodia's youth
Building Dreams Online

Free photo slideshows with music

and of course, our own:  The Power of (R)


See Power Slogans for examples of other slogans or taglines that have become world famous.

PS Yes, you can trademark your tagline!