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Background:Ouch, Ouch and Ouch. We have heard jokes and complaints about this name aplenty, even before people knew we were in the naming business. The idea of renaming Huyndai’s memory business was probably a few years overdue, but where was the English speaking world’s input? And didn’t someone at least realize they sell a lot to design engineers who use Unix workstations, where there have been a ton of variations ending in “nix” over the years? And how could they have not heard the term “hynie” – every American knows what that is and it is not pleasant!

The only reason we did not score this name a complete zero is the fact that it is a coined new word that will have no problem getting through the registered trademark process.When you have a really bad “hynie” it might be full of yellow puss. So guess what color the logo is? Talk about compounding an error.Enough said. No wonder they are desperately looking for a buyer of the company.


UPDATE: Look for Hynix to disappear inside Micron shortly.

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