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Background:Well how can we give a big zero to a company or organization that is achieving a modicum of success? Because this is about names, not business history and perseverance. And because we are so sorry for the marketing team that has to deal with this name day in and day out. Sure many teachers might say they know who they are and their good investment reputation. But what about prospects? This organization is soliciting new investors. Yet we can’t even pronounce their name, and don’t have a clue what it stands for unless we do some deep digging – which will probably leave us more confused. Not worth the trouble. Lets go call on someone who at least has a name – because names are what the brain files information under.But it is a member organization you might say. And TIAA CREF says what it does. Really? When even they get tired of explaining the initials, and best they could get through committee was a boring logo too?

Visit them at Then visit Acterra to see how BAA+PCCF did change their list of initials (with our principal’s help) despite too many volunteers on the naming committee.

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