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Background:Naming major line brand extensions is always a challenge. If you are Coke or Pepsi, you know that only similar carbonated beverages can carry those megabrands, so you name your water DaSani and AquaFina respectively. But almost everyone else ideally wants a tie back to the master brand to attract their key loyal constituents.

So when our big Snapple addict (product and branding-wise) in the office saw bottled spring water in the store, it was an immediate “gotta try that” moment. Still tastes like all the other bottled waters, but it is somehow “friendlier water”!

Emotionally our feelings are so different when it is from one of our favorite friendly suppliers, and therefore so much easier to fall in love with the new product line. Does the product cost more than competitors? No one noticed – the urge to try the Snapple version was too intense.

Congratulations to Snapple for finding a name that is so short and sweet yet ties in to their brand so well. Visit them at and see how they continue to have fun with their brands.

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