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Background:All small businesses also need names – and of course, they are not naming or branding experts. In fact, often they do not even have a part time marketing person or someone with that skill set. But sometimes they have something else – street smarts and a sense of humor. It does bring a smile to our faces when we see small retail establishments that have made a humorous play on words when naming their shop. Some of the cleverest are for hair salons or nail salons, but sometimes it works for food outlets too.

Thai restaurants seem to be all the rage across the country and we came across one recently called The Siamese Kitchen tucked away in San Carlos, California. Now I know many of us only go to restaurants based on certain food and taste ideals – but what gets you into a new restaurant? The decor? The menu on the window? The smile on the host’s face? Hunger? Or just perhaps a warm and fuzzy feeling because the name brought a smile to your face? At least you will enter in a good frame of mind if this is the case – and therefore you will enjoy the food and hospitality more.

Of course, small local businesses can get away with these names, even though there are others with the same name elsewhere (there is at least one other Siamese Kitchen in Arizona). What if the name catches on and a chain is born? Who will own the naming rights? That is why proper searches are needed for even small businesses today.

For details on the restaurant, please visit the trip advisor.

We have given this name a blind rating of 6 for presentation, as we do not vividly recall their logo, and they are not on the web. Please let us know what you think after eating there. Would you put a kitten or a kitchen in the logo if you were doing the design?

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