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Background:Rather quietly introduced (by Intel standards) at a recent technology forum, the buzz in Silicon Valley quickly spread to what the heck VIIV was, and how do you pronounce it. Of course, we have known for years that many engineers at Intel yearned for the old days of numbering chips. And so we have the 6 – 4 chip, supposedly for 64 bit. But proper roman numerals for a 64 would really be LXIV. And we are told it is pronounced “Vive”. Only a major marketing engine could get away with this. Originally we even rated this name lower, but by visiting their site we discover that this really is a Video TV chip, and so we see all the V associations.

Subtle, clever, even though not directly called out. For more details please visit We have given this name a rating of 0 for presentation, as the name has been released without a logo – at least so far.

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