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Background:The .com name phenomena returns! Or did it never go completely away. Obviously this name style is a way to be very descriptive and very specific that you will be doing work on the internet. But who isn’t online nowadays anyway – especially in the area of financial analysis?

Our concern with names like these are that (a) they don’t age well, and (b) they will never have the brand power of a Yahoo, Hoovers, or Amazon say, all of whom exist mostly online. As another example, is already starting to outgrow its name. Since going public and expanding dramatically, they now have many more products than those just for sales forces, so they are struggling to adapt their naming architecture.

With’s imminent IPO, it is no time to change the name. But long term, this will always sound like a young startup. And it will always be confused with people doing political briefings for the president or governor or whoever, especially in times of intense political activity. On the other hand, an IPO is one of the ultimate branding events – if you have a name to brand – and not a .com address.

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We have given this name a rating of 5 for presentation, which means we are neutral on the logo. The good news is they have a logo, with a registered trademark and a slogan. But does it have to be that bland? Is there really no excitement about being briefed financially? Hoovers thinks there is if you compare with their logo!

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