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A recent ad in Inc magazine caught my eye simply because Jim Nantz picture stood out from the rest of the crowded page and I somehow thought I knew that guy. Of course that is the intention of using celebrity endorsements. But then I cringed when I saw he was associated with Insperity.For all I know they are a great company, but what an awful name. We gave them 4 here because of their attempts to do something clever and unique, though that is probably being generous. Some new constructs just don’t work in English. That is why naming agencies exist and have trained wordsmiths and linguists who react to the sound of a word and don’t just get excited because the domain is free or because it has a piece of everyone’s favorite word in it.As one simple example, think what a difference it would make if the name of this company were Lumaspire instead. Their tagline, their long winded marketing messages, their long winded services, even their extremely long winded trademark application description would still all fit. But their customers would not be walking around casting aspersions on the name all day.

We feel sorry for graphics designers who have to work with such names, so we gave him/her a 7 for effort, even if it does look more like a web company logo instead.

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