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 When I first saw a SUBWAY store, I was immediately fascinated by their name and identity. Only later did I make them one of my favorite sandwich stores and realize they are the fastest growing franchise in the world. In fact, growing so fast that they provide a daily update of the count of SUBWAY stores worldwide on their website. As of this writing, over 34,000 franchise stores in 98 countries! That is a lot of sandwiches.Their original name was Peter’s Super Submarines. Not quite as catchy, though Dr. Peter did provide some other very valuable component of a new franchise chain – funding! Today SUBWAYis still a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc. Read it on the small print of everything when next you visit. Not only does the name have great characteristics like being short, sweet, known, multiple meanings, memorable and easy to pronounce in most languages, they also benefited from first mover advantage.With the growing popularity of submarine sandwiches (because of their shape) it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the name Subway – or similar. But now the name is taken, and every other follower has to struggle to find a name that implies submarines without actually saying it – or go a completely different direction like competitor Quiznos did. No wonder we rate it a full 10 out of 10.As for the logo, that is almost a mute point here because this brand is personified by a complete shop identity that is much more than a logo. While real underground train subways are often dirty and ugly, Subway stores are always bright and clean and even have their own wallpaper portraying architecture drawings and illustrations of actual subway train stations.

In addition, isn’t Eat Fresh the greatest short tagline for any food establishment? So for presentation, a full 10 out of 10 too. For anyone thinking of starting a franchise, few do it better than SUBWAY. So they also score well as a business case study.

I did get to review a SUBWAY franchise packet once when my son was thinking of opening a sandwich store rather than going to college. We were sitting in a small outlet at the time and actually talked to the shop assistant and ran some numbers. One of the best quiet afternoon business lessons either of us ever had. And I thought I knew franchises before that!


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