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Of all the great old brand names of the world, Sony stands alone as a coined-descriptive example of linguists. First of all, it is not a Japanese word or name. In fact, it cannot be written in Kanji. But it is two perfect Japanese sounds : So and Ni. (Japanese is a phonetic language) Thus the name is very easily written in Hiragana or Katakana, as well as in English and other languages.Initially the name Sony was only used on a line of transistor radios. It was such a success that eventually the child became more famous than the parent and Totsuko Products was renamed Sony Corporation.Sony is a made up word from Sonny, my little boy and Sonus, latin for sound. Absolutely perfect for a line of portable transistor radios and tape recorders. So sweet, unique and elegant it has also proven ideal for a major worldwide electronics and movie conglomerate. Because it is a coined word, it has also proven to be trademark clear and enforceable worldwide.

The trouble with coined words where the actual roots and meanings are not jumping out at everyone is how do you design a suitable logo to match the name.

We choose to give the Sony logo here a perfect rating, not so much because of its design, but because of its strength, consistency and evolution. Yes, that famous logo has changed since you were a kid! But the changes were subtle and very much in keeping with the times to keep the logo as fresh as the name always sounds.

Not all Sony products are perfect. In fact far from it. But this powerful international brand is properly shepherded and protected so it can survive many ups and downs. In many cases it inspires extremely passionate consumer loyalty.

(Thanks to Sony Insider for logo samples).

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