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It has been a long time since we rated a name a big fat round zero. But the name for this exciting new product is flat out impossible to understand, pronounce without difficulty, recall or understand at all. What was Intermedia thinking? And it is a language product for goodness sake. Were all their linguists on vacation that day? Or more likely made up by some academically advanced linguists who don’t live in the real world.If you have an accent, or are simply a typical American who talks fast with not very good diction, good luck in passing this name along without writing it down. I know. I tried already. And I spoke as simply and clearly as I could. Didn’t work. Of course I was reading the name, because I can’t remember it otherwise.In the name critic column here we don’t often put out an appeal for help. But if someone can explain this name and the logic and linking behind it, we sure would like to hear from you.

(Maybe it is a code name, temporary even, as I see they have made no efforts to register it as trademark in the USA or Canada.)

We have a different feeling about the logo though. Since the designer had nothing to go on with the name, he has cleverly worked at explaining the product instead. I feel the logo may not even be finished yet. I hope that when they get out of Beta they replace the word Beta with Ahora, so their clients will know this is not just for Asian to English translations.

In fact, a lot more tourists go to and from Spanish speaking countries (or even parts of the USA), than go to and from China. And working with an automatic translator can help you learn the language too.. especially if you listen carefully and already know some of the words. Just like everyone in California and Texas and Southern Florida intuitively know a lot of Spanish words. But listening to Chinese is a very hard way to even pick up the basics.

The comments here are about the name and should in no way reflect on the product line. For all intents and purposes we believe this is a great product – we will even buy it when they release the iPhone version. See more at

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