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Since TechCrunch is the original blog name and idea of Michael Arrington, he could have just as easily called it the Arrington Post or something. But for a lawyer turned writer turned investigative journalist turned entrepreneur, he had the sense (and probably fascination) to focus on technology. This may seem obvious as he lives in the heart of Silicon Valley – but how many lawyers will take up their tech trends writing pens.Anyway, Tech Crunch is one of those great names that no one needs to analyze to understand. In fact, in contrast to many other names, it makes more sense instinctively than it does after detailed analysis. Students, teachers and managers might talk about crunch time, and it has a slight negative connotation. Same as when your sports coach talks about it. Similarly, your account might crunch the numbers and your marketing strategist might crunch the options. You may even be stuck in a crunch.

But there is that other meaning of the word too. Like in Crunchie bar. Or crunch, crunch on your cereal for breakfast.

So when is technology in a crunch? Well always. It is all a race to bring the latest and greatest to market. And Tech Crunch will be there to break the news first. Like many of their technology companies, the market for an IPO has not been exciting, so they have taken the takeover route too. Let’s hope AOL doesn’t smother them too much, even though it seems to us they are cut from a different piece of cloth.

We have a different feeling about the logo though. Did they change it fairly recently? Are they trying to go green or something? Sorry, but I just don’t get the strong tech and crunchiness attitude that pervades the company from this very plain and simple logo.

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