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I have been thinking about this name Vonage for a long time, always wondering if joe public will catch on to what a good, clever and clear name it is. Now that they are big enough to do TV and other advertising, I think my fears are put to rest. And since I also just got my own first Vonage device, I am especially enamored with the name and their service.

The age of voice over the network is truly upon as as we take a verbal voyage around the world. And all this is implied in a unique new name that is only one letter different from a standard dictionary word. Congratulations!All their details are of course at Vonage.comtoo. Plus we notice how they properly protect all of their trademarks.

But we have had to think long and hard about the logo. Just couldn’t get a strong feeling either way… and then the UPS parcel man dropped off our Vonage box, and we thought it was from Amazon. In black and white the logo looks a lot like a squashed Amazon “smile”. Yes it is unique, but is it a one eyed monster? Since both Amazon and Vonage are out of the Pacific Northwest, I wonder if there has been any accidental cross-pollination in designs.

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