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We were thinking about the idea that any name (that is legal) will suffice for some businesses, when we heard another Brink’s commercial and then saw their competitor’s vehicle. An analysis of the linguistics of the name show no traces of roots pertaining to strength, security, reliability, trustworthiness – all the values they have become famous for, in addition to transportation.

Compare that with Armored Courier Services, better (un)known as ACS! Yes, it says what they do. But what a mouthful – so it gets abbreviated and looses all life, meaning and pizazz. Worse, it does not let them expand under the same name into other markets, as Brink’s has so successfully done with their Brinks Home Security® division. Plus, when you go to the hardware store to buy a padlock, what name do you trust? What name do you know? Brinks of course! Even though it was named after Perry and Fidelia Brink back in 1859!

I guess what we are trying to say is our usual diatribe against initials, plus the fact that certain words simply sound strong from their construct – and of course from their branding. One might else have argued this is a weak name by applying a purely analytical filter. After all, who would entrust their most valuable items to someone on the brink?

Their logo and identity have been upgraded of course over the years, but changes are subtle and the look is always strong. In recent years a motion component has been added. See for yourself at

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