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Does a name matter to some people? When you merge a business full of initials with another full of initials, does it have to be all the initials? Sometimes, in some states only, this might be the case for some law firms. But please, not for companies actively putting their signs on street corners to promote their properties or real estate services.

Sure it is a merger of NAI and BT Commercial. Sure there was brand equity in those names.
  But that equity could have been transferred within a year and a powerful new brand developed. One that isn’t so long to remember or say. Twice we saw these signs, and couldn’t remember the name. On the 3rd time we took a picture, because we especially wanted to decode the web address.

As for the logo, we scored it a 4 because at least the designer was trying to do something with the almost impossible. But it is very difficult to read the resulting stylized A. And if their promo is all about “Big Red”, why only the A? How about simple icon or graphic instead?

For more information, please visit Now why would they use the longer domain name on their signage….making it so hard to read as you pass by? This one is a real head scratcher! Some people just make the rest of their marketing life so difficult.

Editorial Update:  They finally switched to just and have since merged into Cushman Wakefield.

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