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After fretting over some bad names recently, it really is refreshing to take a look at a name that has literally become a household world: Netflix. Talk about something new, something old! They could have easily described what they do and come up with some boring name like Videos By Mail or DVD’s by Mail. Without checking, I am pretty sure there are such companies because there are always small descriptive businesses in every industry. They are named by people without the creative talent and marketing knowledge to know the power of a name – and how it is your primary weapon in the battle for the mind(*).Instead, it is Netflix that gets all the attention. And as many competing groups now looking at delivering video over the Internet, guess who already has Net in their name! Never mind that originally it was probably used to emphasize that you could order over the internet, even though your DVD arrived in the mailbox.But what are flix?

Why not movies or DVD’s or something? Well, as some of you old-timers might remember, Flicks was old slang for the movies. As a kid, we used to save our pennies to go to the flicks. Linguists will probably tell us that this term even originated in the days of Walt Disney with the first animated books of images that you flicked through to create an impression of motion. So, why not simplify the spelling to flix, and voila, we have Netflix.

We have also given the logo a perfect rating of 10. If you are familiar with our regular opinions you might argue it doesn’t meet our usual standards for creativity and uniqueness. But notice the subtle details instead. It is not just a standard font – it has a gentle curve in the baseline. It is not just a simple bold color. It is a 3D look on a color scheme that makes you feel like you are in the lobby of the movie complex. Clean and simple, but clever and unique to drive a consistent and appropriate branding message.

See them online at of course.

(*) Ries and Trout: Positioning: The battle for the mind.

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