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No one says that a battery and energy company has to have a stodgy old name. If you really feel you are changing the world and making it a better place for all, then why not put that mantra right in your name? Sure it would fit great in a tagline, but this is a great example of where you put the benefit or result in the name, and then can put the description in a tagline. Also means if they get into other technologies in the future, the name still fits as long as it is for a similar cause.Turns out they aren’t the first by any means to use these words, so their trademark application is actually on the words Project Better Place and the company name is Better PLC Inc.I am sure there is a good story about their logo, but for now the symbol is going right over my head, which is why we only scored it a 5.

It is interesting though that one of the true green companies, where their whole reason for existing is a green cause, uses a blue image. Once again, why not? Green is already way over used and far too common.

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