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No one says a health company has to be a boring set of initials, or some complicated name, even after a complex merger. In the UK we have to compliment HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF and Totally Active as they band together under one plain name called SimplyhealthFabulous. What could be more clear and positive for an English audience? We love it. Plus they have taken the correct legal steps to procure and protect this name properly in the U.K. As one word it is even a bit more unique and easier to find in an internet search.

How do you draw a unique new logo that can be a consistent and easily identifiable brand symbol for your constituent audience that are coming off all those abstract initials only services? Well you make a band of many colors. And then you give it a sense of motion by making it into a more active looking wheel.

Great work. See more at

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