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Naming a company after the founder has been typical for many years – and many more to come. So when Gerhard Bross started his nova analytics company in Freiburg, Germany, he obviously wanted something a little simpler than his full name and came up with Ebro. Just like Adi Dassler came up with Adidas for what is today a very big sports company.

However, you should check who else uses that clever name. Or in this case, which major river in Europe. Yes, the ebro is the big river draining down the Pyrenees from Andorra. It is the biggest river in Spain and well known for its cat fishing and big farming delta as it reaches the Mediterranean sea. (See and

This is not a real problem, but is a big caution for international companies, especially as you expand into neighboring countries and discover your registered trademark is suddenly a common term.

Like many companies nowadays looking for a differentiation in their logo, they have chosen to make it all lower case. In fact their company name is properly spelled ebro and not Ebro. Cisco tried this for years too. Creates nothing but chaos in all written documents and you end up looking like some strange misspelled word instead of a proper noun. How would you like it if I spelled your name lowercase only?

However, we do know these logos are challenging, and have added a few points here for taking what is effectively an abstract name now and tightly tying it to a common tagline for positioning. Despite being a very international German company, note that the tagline is in English. See more at

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