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We try to find some good, even in the strangest and wierdest of names. But this one worried us from the outset. Instant gut reaction from everyone on the naming team was “awful”! For some it was more than just worry.. it was concern that a promising new business networking startup had really misfired, or we didn’t know the proper roots for the name.

A review of their own materials shows they skirt the issue of the name origin. But I had doggie doo stuck in my head, and I knew stang is very close to stank (past tense of stink in English, or the actual word for stinks in some other languages).

While not really part of any other language, our linguist quickly found it in the Urban Slang Dictionary:

Doostang: Human or Animal Excrement!

The only reason we never scored them a very rare big zero is the fact that they have properly protected Doostang as a registered trademark. I wonder why no one else wanted the trademark on this name?

We do like the implied link connection in the logo though, even if it is in doggy doo color…. logos for names like this really challenge the designers.

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