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Some people in England have all their feathers ruffled because Norwich Union (a venerable old Building Society – as they call Savings and Loan companies) is changing its name to Aviva. In reality, this name change has been in the works for quite a while. In fact, the parent holding company name was GCNU and they have already completed the transition to Aviva a few years ago. With a name like GCNU you can’t blame them for wanting to change and act a little more progressive and modern.

But what is wrong with the name Norwich Union? If you are from the Norwich area, it probably sounds very strong, enduring and even comforting to you. But what if they are in financial trouble with the recent mortgage mess? Or you are from way across the country? Or even across the pond in the USA? And what if they are now more of a life insurance and financial holding company than a good old Building Society? Then it is definitely time to breathe new life into the company, its brand and its whole image and positioning.

And it would be hard to find a more unique, but not too abstract or difficult to understand name, than Aviva. Even if you do not recognize the language roots of life and advancement, then you will still sense a new vitality.

The new colors and new logo also contribute to this fresh new feel. Somehow this logo and look are though still a little too staid and conservative for us, but we understand traditional old corporate decision making – especially in the world’s fifth largest insurance brand. However, it is a touch too conservative and thus less than perfect, in our humble opinion.

Of course, you will find them at Aviva on the web, even though the name Aviva is a registered trademark in other categories too… like clothing, for one example..


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