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What an appropriate name for all those little messages chirping minute by minute across the internet. Sometime it seems the whole world is twittering away. I sometimes wonder if youngsters using services like this even know the original meaning of the word. Since it is rated at about 81,000 in the most common English words, it is not very common at all.. and very, very few of us have a working knowledge of 81,000 words.

Of course, this is one word we all knew but seldom used. Until now that is. We are just like a flock of birds. We don’t sit on the phone lines in a row, but we do sit on the internet or wireless lines…. like a lot of little birds all chirping away. And just because we twitter, that does not make us a bunch of twits.

I am disappointed they never caught this feeling in their logo. They certainly do in their other materials. But when you see the logo by itself it looks like any baby product.. from push chairs to diapers (nappies in UK).

Of course, you will find them at Twitter on the web if some friend doesn’t encourage you to twitter before then.


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