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I wondered about this name from the minute I heard it on the news from Spain. Then to see Business Week rate it as one of the fastest growing brands in the world (in their recent brand rankings survey), really made me open my eyes. Of course, it had to be European. Very few North American companies would have the fashion sense to use a coined (or almost unknown) word for their brand. But somehow we later always embrace Prada and Gucci and now Zara.In their trademark filings, Zara is explained as:

The English translation of the Spanish word “ZARA” is “maize” or “Indian corn”.

Did you know that? Did you guess that? Does your dictionary even have the word? What did you think a Zara was? Do you care? Well, we didn’t know that either, even after researching it. But we still like the name and complement them on selecting such a short, unique, smooth sounding word that can cross so many cultures.

In addition, Zara does not do any advertising! Wow. And they are pretty much invisible to the press, other than the parent corporation as needed for a public company. Proves you can still grown a brand the old fashioned way – via storefront windows!

Given their superb fashion sense, and amazing clothing looks, we are a little disappointed with their own logo, however. Sure it is classy and elegant, but these people are known for being different, not traditional. Having said that, what else could you do with such a name but keep it sharp in silver.. and over every door and window.

Zara is but one of the retail brands of Inditex, one of the largest worldwide fashion and textile retailers. See their elegance and simplicity at, and see how someone who understands the power of a storefront does branding. Even though they never plan to sell online.


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