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It is not often we find a name that rates a perfect score, but this one certainly justifies it. For such a score, it has to be more than just our humble opinion. It has to be what we hear back from the marketplace too. Isn’t it amazing how easily the public accepts and embraces a new name that is properly presented and marketing, even when the do not know what the name means?Of course, the fact that the name is associated with a very cool product, the ultimate rich boy’s toy, doesn’t hurt either. Engineers and old radio buffs might even recognize the name as coming from Nikolai Tesla who is officially credited with inventing the radio once he immigrated to the USA. In fact, in his old homeland there still is a Tesla Radio corporation. And there are a number of other companies with Tesla in their name, including a Tesla Electronics out of Alaska. Nevertheless, most of use see and hear this as a short, sweet unique new name. We don’t know what it means, nor do we care. But if we are into cars or hybrids or green energy, we already know what it stands for. And they have yet to ship a production version!

See more details online at You can even order one on the site if you have a handy $30,000 deposit.

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