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When you have a strange company name like Mozilla, it is natural that sometimes you come up with boring names like FileZilla.But then again, you could create a new free open source browser and stop being so pedantic and name it Firefox! Not only that, you could make a great industry comeback and compete with giant Microsoft and their very expensive Internet Explorer name (yes, they paid $7 mill+ to settle the law suit). That’s not a catchy name, and so we all call it IE.

But Firefox is a great name to cut through the noise.. even though we don’t know what a fire fox is in real life (or care).

And it is especially branded in our little internet brains when we see the great logo – once again something designed by a worldwide collaborative effort! On top of that, this is a product. Not a company name. A software product with its own great logo is such a rarity we really have to commend this effort. And the name and design have laid a foundation for future products. I am tempted to try Thunderbird simply because of its great name and similar style logo too!

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