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When there are 50 competitors in your industry that use the same prefix Domain in their name, and 10 or more big ones with names starting with Reg, and the oldest one has the long boring name Network Solutions, how do you stand out from the crowd? You go a completely different direction. And have some fun in the usual drab business world. And call your company Go Daddy – that’s how!This is quite a change from using your kids’ initials too. Of course, it works best when there is a charismatic Daddy at the helm. Oh I know, it is not for a big business or corporate use you say. Wrong. is now the premier registrar of internet domain names.

They still have great fun with their name and marketing so they stand out dramatically… and get amazing PR coverage as a result. We love all their promos, even though their upsell smorgasbord is sometimes overwhelming. But they have the best customer service in the industry from thousands of support people in Arizona imbued with the same friendly spirit. Makes us want to chant Go Daddy Go .. of course, they own and use that domain too!

The only reason we never gave them a rating of a perfect 10 for presentation is that we have heard some criticism (OK, almost derision) about the logo and color scheme. We don’t agree… but we had to give some weight to the public view. However, it is especially nice to see someone actually make their tagline part of the logo, and properly register it too.

Millions of people find them monthly at

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