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This name is a bit of a puzzler from us. We have heard the story of how the founders became obsessed with it and even bought the domain name off a restaurant. Somehow the parts of the name almost run together too well so that you can even miss the fan part they were trying to emphasize. Of course, the founders are big movie fans as are many other people. But some of us just want to go see a movie on a boring Thanksgiving Day without standing in line or discovering it is sold out before we get there.
Nevertheless, still a good name… with an OK but not very dynaming or exciting logo. And a great service that really works well with credit cards incidentally. One of the first big applications that lets you use credit and debit cards for fast ticketing without paperwork and signatures.

Millions of people use them monthly to buy event tickets at


PS Their tagline used to be “And you are good to go” but we don’t see any current usage of it.

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